Rachel Bilson: ‘I was a dumb ass’

image2_1360105277 Starring in The O.C. brought Rachel Bilson fame but the actress admits that she doesn’t like the person she was during her time on the show. She said: ”I didn’t have any idea how much ‘The O.C.’ would change my life. I thought I knew everything, but now I look back and think, ‘You were a dumb ass! What was your problem?”’

Rachel, who is currently in a relationship with Hayden Christensen, reveals that she is ready to settle down and would like to start a family in the near future. She said: ”Thirty is a whole different thing; you can slow down and focus on family. Starting a family one day is definitely something I look forward to.”

Rachel-Bilson-Art-of-Elysium-Gala-2013-02Rachel still believes in love and marriage, even though her parents are divorced. ”My parents’ divorce didn’t make me cynical about love and marriage. I’ve always been a big romantic, and I look forward to all those things. I’ve been in a relationship for six years, and I’m happy…To have a partner is one of the greatest things. I’ve always been a fan of love…I’m an emotional person; I go with my heart before my head every time,” the actress said.

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