Rob Brown files class-action suit against Macy’s

rob-brown Treme star Rob Brown has filed a class action lawsuit against Macy’s.

According to The Associated Press, the actor filed papers Wednesday in federal court in New York City, suing the retail chain over a June 8 incident. He says that Macy’s “policies and practices have left customers of color feeling victimized, humiliated and traumatized.”

Rob was trying to buy a $1,350 Movado watch for his mother when he was accused of using a fake credit card. He ended up in handcuffs and was detained and questioned by the police for nearly an hour after employees at the Macy’s store in New York City contacted authorities about possible credit card fraud.

rob-brown-16x9“Got arrested while buying my ma a watch,” he wrote on Twitter at the time. “Thought my card was fake cuffed me and tossed me in a cell. Then realized they were d—s.” He claims he was “paraded” through the department store like a criminal, but released without charge after 45 minutes in custody when officials realized who he was.

Brown filed a separate legal complaint at first, but later withdrew it and joined forces with other alleged victims to file the new suit as a class-action complaint on Wednesday.

The court documents state: “This suit seeks to bring a halt to this disgusting, discriminatory pattern and practice.”


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One response to “Rob Brown files class-action suit against Macy’s”

  1. Olive says:

    Do not see a color problem here. Such a situation could have happened with people of any nationality or race. So, I wouldn’t be so worried about the color problem. Still I can see this as a very unpleasant situation and I wouldn’t want to get into it myself. I very bad experience to come through! Not for my gentle nature!