Rob Lowe: People don’t respect marriage


Rob Lowe doesn’t like it how people treat marriage nowadays. The actor, who has been married to make-up artist Sheryl Berkoff since 1991, believes that modern society just doesn’t respect the union.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Lowe said: ”Marriage is becoming sort of fake. It’s almost like a handbag. Everyone wants the newest, greatest and latest. It becomes an event, and it’s definitely a status symbol in our society. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be, it absolutely should be – but you shouldn’t be focusing on that. You should be focusing on the long term.”

Rob believes that the success of a marriage depends on choosing a partner.

He explained: ”It’s all about who you pick … I think you need to pick someone who’s more interested in being married than in getting married. And it’s always helpful if that person is your best friend.”

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One response to “Rob Lowe: People don’t respect marriage”

  1. Annett says:

    Great and very wise words! I cannot say it better; just join every word that Rob Lowe has said. Many people just refuse to work on marriage and expect things to come simply as they deserve this. It won’t work this way as love is not only butterflies in stomach and sexual desire. So, it helps much when you choose the right partner with same views on life and marriage.