Robert De Niro on Tribeca Festival

N Founded in 2002, Tribeca Film Festival promotes NYC as a major film-making center. It is an international festival that has so far screened more than 1400 films from all over the world and has gained great popularity.

Robert De Niro, one of its founders, says he is very proud of the festival’s recognition and success. “I’m happy that the festival has gone on this long and has had an impact on people; local, national and international. I’m very proud that it’s becoming a part of the fabric of New York and tradition. Very proud,” the actor said. He also explained the connection between the 9/11 attacks and Tribeca: “We had talked about a festival. Then when 9/11 happened and the neighborhood was devastates, we just decided to do it. We didn’t know what would happen. We put it together in, what, 120 days? That’s how it was born.”V

The festival supports both established and emerging directors from around the globe so various films are screened. De Niro revealed his favorites for this year: “The one on Gore Vidal, The United States of Amnesia and a wonderful film called Red Obsession – which I thought was very interesting about the Chinese buying all the wine in France.”

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