Robert De Niro to celebrate ‘A Bronx Tale’ anniversary

bal-chazz-deniro-photo This year is the 20th anniversary of Robert De Niro’s movie A Bronx Tale and the legendary actor wants to celebrate it by taking part in a rare question-and-answer session in New York later this month.

He will appear together with his former co-star Chazz Palminteri to field questions from audience for the event at the Village East Cinema on 24 February.

Palminteri tells the New York Post, “We’ll run the movie for a paying audience plus invitees. Just Bob and me onstage for a Q&A. He rarely does something like this. But the idea was his. He called and asked would I do it.”

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One response to “Robert De Niro to celebrate ‘A Bronx Tale’ anniversary”

  1. Jannet says:

    Why not celebrating a great movie anniversary? Well people just need a reason to be happy and celebrate, so why not a legendary movie turning 20 years old? I like when people are happy and celebrate and enjoy life. It is better than being negative and grumpy all around. So, I wish more of the occasion for such great stars as Robert DeNiro to celebrate.)