Robert Pattinson Is a Lousy Dancer

Robert Pattinson/Kirsten Stewart After the reconciliation Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have decided to relax and have some fun. The two of them are taking ballroom dancing lessons now. It was Kristen’s idea and she managed to persuade her boyfriend to take the lessons and learn some new skills.305194

The couple’s friend says that although it’s been very fun for Robert, he is actually “terrible” at dancing. The source said: “Rob is the first to admit he’s a terrible dancer. But Kristen has been trying for ages to persuade him to have lessons with her and he’s finally caved in. The pair have already had a couple of lessons with a private instructor and have been practicing their moves at Kristen’s mum’s house in Malibu, California, where they are currently staying. They’re having a lot of fun so far.”

The couple broke up last year after Kristen’s short affair but they patched things up and now they are enjoying their romance.

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