Robert Pattinson is taking Dylan Penn on romantic trip

robert_pattinson_685989 As Daily Star reports, Robert Pattinson is taking his rumored girlfriend Dylan Penn on a romantic trip to Hawaii.

”Rob wants to treat her to a break away. They have been seeing each other casually for months,” a source tells the newspaper.

Rob’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart is reportedly unhappy about the Hawaii trip the actor is taking. The source added: ”Kristen is really upset that Rob has planned a romantic break with another woman. Rob still loves Kristen but he doesn’t think it can work between them, he believes they both need a fresh start. He’s looking forward to spending time with Dylan and getting to know her better in Hawaii.”

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2 responses to “Robert Pattinson is taking Dylan Penn on romantic trip”

  1. Tina says:

    Rob love Kristen? Well, this is news! Every day new news about this scandalous couple! Well, if this is the way Robert Pattinson wants to forget the ‘bad’ times with Kristen and then get back to her for a fresh start, this is not good for Dylan Penn and it makes sense why Sean Penn is so giants this relationship. However, if Rob just moves on, then I wish him all the best and I want him to ember that the person, who one has betrayed you, will do that again and again.

  2. Sharlize says:

    I thought Robert and Dylan were no longer together! Well, I never will understand this celebs. They date, split, marry and divorce and do whatever their want! They live in a different world of fame or maybe publicist make news from what really never existed. Still I hope that the story of broken-hearted betrayal Kristen will come to an end in Robert Pattinson’s life. He is such a handsome man and he deserves to love and be loved and never cheated on!