Robert Pattinson scared of meeting anyone new

robert_pattinson_628013 According to a source close to Robert Pattinson, the actor will never get over Kristen Stewart‘s affair with Rupert Sanders. He feels betrayed after her cheating on him and he tried dealing with it but he made the decision to end the relationship because he will never be able to trust her again.

The source said: ”Rob broke up with Kristen because he never got over the fact that she cheated. He is never going to forget. For a superstar, he can be very insecure and what went down last year just preyed on that. Rob gets in his own head and thinks the worst. He broods a lot.”

Although the two of them decided to split and see other people Rob’s friends say that he does have some trust issues now. His friend told Us Weekly magazine: ”He’s scared of meeting anyone new. So many people are after him for the wrong reasons.”

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