Robert Pattinson’s friends think he deserves better

GYI0063073935.jpg It’s been a week since Robert Pattinson broke up with Kristen Stewart and moved his things out of her house but the topic is still hot. The latest rumor is that Rob decided to dump Kristen thanks to his friends, including Katy Perry, who persuaded him that he deserves much better.

A source told Life & Style magazine: ”Katy never really supported Rob’s decision to get back with Kristen. She always said they wouldn’t last. Katy told Rob she didn’t think their relationship could withstand the cheating scandal. And he deserved better than someone who would destroy a family.”

rob_kristenKristen had a brief affair with married director Rupert Sanders last summer and she and Robert broke up because of that. However, a couple of months later they got back together but that didn’t last. Robert found a text message from Rupert on Kristen’s phone and decided to end the relationship and move out of the house in Los Feliz where they lived together. He was spotted picking up his belongings from the house last Sunday (May, 19). A source said: ”After everything that happened and the hurt she caused, he’s furious she’d be back in touch with him, even if she is saying it’s completely innocent. He simply can’t trust her.”

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