Romanian Beautiful Women: Wonderful Celebrities

Romanian Beautiful Women: Wonderful Celebrities Continuing the search for the most beautiful girls on the planet, today we would like to present Romanian beauties.

In the south-west of Europe there is an amazing mysterious country called Romania. It is associated with many people with the mystical Transylvania and gloomy legends about Count Vladislav Dracula. But also this land is beautiful with its ski resorts, the Black Sea beaches, the purity of the huge Danube River and incendiary local women. The Romanians have an outstanding appearance. They love themselves and take care of their beautiful body. If a Romanian does not have the opportunity to regularly visit expensive beauty salons, then she will certainly make herself a face and hair mask at home. In cosmetics, natural plant components are welcomed here.

Since ancient times, Romania was famous for its bright sights and rich cultural heritage, and Bucharest was called just “The little Paris of the east”. This rating includes the most famous Romanian actresses, models, winners of beauty contests, singers, TV hosts and sportswomen.

Roxana Vancea

Roxana Vancea

They dress well and brightly. Often on these women you can see tight jeans, a short skirt or a mini-dress. Among the Romanian celebrities can be identified model Katrinel Mengiyu, TV host Monica Dascal and singer Elena Alexandra Apostolian, known under the pseudonym Inna. Among other popular Romania women you can find:

  • Roxana Vancea – Romanian TV presenter.
  • Claudia Paul – singer.
  • Beatrice Kirita – model.
  • Paula Seling is a Romanian singer, composer and radio DJ. She represented Romania at Eurovision-2010 in Oslo and took the third place.
  • Laura Ana Cosoi is a Romanian actress and model.
  • Elena Baguci is a Romanian model.

    Elena Baguci

    Elena Baguci

At heart, the Romanian girls are passionate and temperamental. By their obstinate character they fascinate men. But at the same time they are good wives and mistresses. Representatives of the fair sex are very hardworking. In the family and in work, men and women are completely equal and ready to help each other in everything. In local families, a child is always an apple of the eye, so all women become caring and loving mothers.

Talking about male up, the interesting fact is that the lip gloss almost completely supplanted the traditional lipstick: it is much easier to and faster, there are many shades, and a light, transparent base gives shine and chic to the most neutral makeup. Therefore, he enjoys special popularity among girls: gentle lips create a feeling of freshness and youth. Older women also love this subject of decorative cosmetics, because it masks small wrinkles on the lips.

Paula Seling

Paula Seling

The real thoroughbred Romanians are very similar to the Slavs. They are short, light-haired and with bright eyes. But the historical blending of blood with gypsies, Tatar-Mongols and Turks led to the fact that among local women often brown-eyed brunettes are found. Their faces are feminine and attractive. They are oval in shape with pronounced cheekbones and a thin nose, which makes them very sexy. Girls in Romania are slim and fit. In this they can thank the local balanced cuisine. It’s interesting that beautiful Spanish for an unfamiliar person can be very similar to these girls, but it’s only outwardly, in their spiritual world they are very different.

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