Rupert Grint’s weird collection

rupert_grint_683386 Giant elephant-bird eggs are just part of Rupert Grint’s highly unusual collection. The actor loves collecting weird stuff and he even has the X Rays of Evel Knievel.

He explained to The Sunday Times magazine: ”I love weird objects. I like collecting anything that’s just strange. I’ve got some Evel Knievel X-rays of when he shattered his bones and I have an elephant-bird egg. It was one of the biggest birds ever, like an ostrich but 10 times the size.”

Grint’s passion for gathering these strange items comes from watching ‘Antiques Roadshow’ and his collection even boasts of stuffed dead animals (taxidermy).

”Collecting taxidermy is a phase I went through. There’s this artist called Polly Morgan who does these really cool taxidermy pieces. I’ve got one with a blue tit on a bible with a chandelier. I’ve also got one of Red Rum’s [the legendary race horse] hairs from his mane,” Rupert added.

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