Russell Crowe Loves Mime

125581-russell-crowe Russell Crowe is a big fan of mime. He revealed that his love for this kind of art started in his childhood after seeing Marcel Marceau perform, as well as that his friends mocked him for that.

“Something that causes much mirth among acquaintances is that the first time I ever went to the theater was to see mime artist Marcel Marceau. It’s the truth, and I loved it. He was at the top of his game. But just for clarity, I have never intentionally performed a mime,” said Crowe.russell-crowe-in-les-miserables-760146799

The actor discovered the beauty of film as a young boy and he was especially fascinated with Papillon. He said: “I watched it again a year ago, and the movie still stands tall. Until Papillon I didn’t know how actors could transport you. I was drawn to films in my childhood. When I was a kid – I could have recited lines from every one I’d seen.”

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