Russell Crowe: ‘Noah controversy was expected’


Speaking to Britain’s Daily Telegraph, Russell Crowe said that controversy over his new film Noah is expected.

The actor insists that big screen adaptation of the Bible story of the Great Flood, which was banned in some Muslim countries, will challenge viewers’ understanding of the Bible.

He said: “This story is contained in every religious text. Noah is in the Quran. People from all over the world outside of religion have flood mythology… To be frank, given that it is a tenet of the Muslim religion that you can’t make stories or render images about the Prophet, it was not unexpected that some Islamic nations would ban the film.”

For Crowe, the fact that the movie was banned in some Islamic countries is not at all surprising.


“It’s the primary issue of this film, whether you have faith or you don’t have faith, you talk about it,” he explained. “To be frank, given that it is a tenet of the Muslim religion that you can’t make stories or render images about the Prophet, it was not unexpected that some Islamic nations would ban the film.”

The 49-year-old actor has also met with Pope Francis, who gave his blessing to the film.

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4 responses to “Russell Crowe: ‘Noah controversy was expected’”

  1. Edith says:

    It is true that the Prophet Muhammad loved the story of Noah, and rather went to town on it. The Holy Koran really explains the phenomenon of Noah much better than Genesis. It was written in the 7th century A.D, and by then the stories from the Old Testament had been relayed verbally round the Middle East for centuries. They had fired the imagination of many who were not Jewish or Christian – including Muhammad (PBUH) himself.

    Noah is the only major non-Muslim figure to make it into the Koran big-time (I think). Jesus, Mary and Joseph are referred to with respect, but not given much attention. In a way Islam is a lot more “Old Testament” than “New Testament”, so the appeal of Noah is not very surprising.

    From wiki:

    “According to the Koran, Noah’s ark was a flat watercraft made of logs, tied together with primitive ropes, the flood was local, around the Dead Sea area, and the animals were Noah’s domesticated animals.”

  2. Rita says:

    All ever since I saw “The Gladiator” Russel Crowe has captured my heart for good, I would never forget his phrase in the movie “my name is Maximus Desmus Meridius, father of a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife …” and so on, that is exactly one of the things that you never forget in your life, no matter how you try or want to, that is the “thing” about the great movies. And I am truly happy for Russell as he was given a chance to perform in another movie that I am sure will become a legend as well, no matter how hard those Muslim countries will ban the movie, still they will not be able to close the Bible to people who want to read it and know it by heart. That is already something bigger than that. I cannot even explain how happy I am due to the fact that Crowe got this role, as I know that there were a few actors who were competing with each other for it, but the best one of course has won the battle, just as usually. I hope that people all over the world after seeing it will get the subject of the movie and will start leading a new and better life, not towards themselves, as this is basically what everyone does now, but towards surrounding people. If every person will do at least one good deed for another person without expecting anything back, than our world will be saved and much better.

  3. Brenda says:

    I know that Friday 28th March is the big day when I will finally get to see “Noah” movie, I have been craving to see this movie for a few months in the row already, but I cannot wait to it. Due to the great acting staff gathered in the movie, I am sure that it will become one of the best movies for the past few years, but also due to the story and subject that it brings to all of people. I guess this movie was filmed this year not simply for no reason, but because the world around has became so cruel, that people stopped carrying about each other, and care more about things like work or distractions, instead of having higher spiritual needs. I am sure that Russell Crowe has done a great job in it, as all the movies where he plays become really good ones. Besides Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” one of my favorite movies is “The Good Year” which is also teaching many good things. Hmm, I guess I just realized that all of the movies there he performs are bringing some good message to the people who are watching it, so what can I say? Good job!

  4. Angie says:

    “Noah” is the movie that will change many lives, and I hope that it will change for the better, I was at the cinema today and saw an advertising of a movie that will also be aired soon, it was called something with anarchy, and I was shocked that this kind of movie will be shown in cinemas. As the main idea of the movie was that one day per year people in the city would be able to do anything they want (steal, kill, and so on) without being punished by the police. So I thought how come this kind of movie is allowed that idea would it bring to the young and not grown minds yet? And after that I saw the advertisement of the “Noah” movie, and realized that it is something that once again there is a battle between good and bad things in the world. And hopefully the good ones will win. As about Russell Crowe, I am sure that he done a great job once again, I am wondering how the work upon this movie has affected his own life, and whether it ever did.