Russian Model Irina Shayk Prepares For Marriage with Bradley Cooper

shayk-prepares Irina Shayk was born on January 6, 1986. She is a famous Russian model par excellence. She got the spotlight shining on her in 2007 when she secured a modeling contract for Intimissimi lingerie and had her debut in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In 2011, she was ranked eighth in the world by for her social media following.

Irina Shayk has a relationship with the famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo between 2010 and 2015. After breaking up with Ronaldo, Shayk started dating Bradley Cooper in April 2015. Bradley Cooper was born on January 5, 1975; he is a successful American producer and actor. Their relationship is considered to be getting stronger daily and gravitating towards marriage anytime soon because of Shayk, who after declaring that she loves residing in New York, put up her West Village condo for sale. The development raised several opinions that the Sports Illustrated model and her boyfriend have some surprises up their sleeve.

However, when Cooper was in New York, he stayed at Irina Shayk’s apartment in Manhattan instead of searching for an apartment for himself. From the look of things, Cooper and Shayk are likely to get engaged very soon, and they could have their wedding after that. The reason for the assumption is that both lovers have not hidden their relationship from the media and do not feel shy regarding the public opinion about their love and relationship. They have both been seen on holidays together and going around the city totally into each other.

It was reported that Cooper’s friends had warned him against having a relationship with Shayk who recently Ronaldo that she could be a gold digger. They believed that she probably was after the fame and publicity connected to being the famous star’s girlfriend. However, Cooper ignored their warnings and gave the relationship a shot; and everything seems to be going on fine.

Meanwhile, Irina Shayk has been getting along with Gloria, Cooper’s mother. Having seen the progress of the lovers’ relationship and especially Shayk being on good terms with Gloria, the critics kept mom. With the development, they might walk down the aisle very soon.


The Russian supermodel had earlier informed her friends that the right man had finally shown up and that the odds are that they would get married and start a family. Shayk desires a family that is knitted together in love, and she is certain to get that with Bradley Cooper.

It is perceived that Cooper and her mother have a very cordial relationship, especially since his father passed on, she had been staying with him. The interesting part is that Irina Shayk relates to Cooper’s mother very well. Previous girlfriends that Cooper had were not comfortable with his relationship with his mother. Shayk, on the other hand, gets along very well with Gloria.

Cooper and Shayk were seen together on the red carpet when he was nominated for Oscar for featuring in “Burnt.” Shayk was with him at The Museum of Modern Art for the screening of “Burnt.”

During her 30th birthday celebration, Irina Shayk shared a tantalizing photo with her fans. The picture shows Shayk in a sexy red bikini. She posed in front of the mirror in her bathroom and showed off her sexy figure with her beautiful face. She was thankful for clocking the best age of her life and showed appreciation to her fans for their unflinching support and their birthday wishes.

A few months ago, Irina Shayk modeled three different wedding gowns before about 2,000 attendees at Pronovias’s new collection named “Le Ciel.” It is speculated that wearing three wedding dresses in one day could prompt her to discuss marriage with Cooper soonest. However, everyone is expecting the lovebirds to express their next action about their relationship anytime soon.

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