Ryan Murphy confronted Cory Monteith about his sobriety weeks before death

main-cory-monteith-cov Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee, talked with Cory Monteith about his sobriety and tried to persuade him to stop working on the show and get some help.

He told Deadline.com, “As soon as I heard what was happening, when we had two episodes left to go, I brought him to my office where we had the intervention. He said he wanted to finish the rest of the season, and I said absolutely not. We were not going to put a stupid TV show before his sobriety. I assured him he was not fired, that his job was secure, that he would leave today. He went with a whimper and not a bang and it was very emotional… We had experts in the room and tried to let him know this was a disease. It was a tough and very emotional day and the last thing he said before he left was, ‘I want to get better.’ And I believed him.”

lea-michele-corey-monteith-030913spMurphy says that Cory was doing fine until several weeks ago. “A couple of weeks ago, he and Lea came to Fire Island where we were shooting The Normal Heart, and I honestly couldn’t tell what was going on with him. He didn’t seem quite himself, but when I confronted him he claimed he was clean,” he said.

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