Sam Claflin wants villain role in comic book movie


In an interview with, Sam Claflin has revealed he is fascinated with movie adaptations of popular Marvel and DC comics and would love to play a villain in one of those films.

He said: ”It’s definitely something that interests me, I mean I love those movies and I am constantly surprised by them, they could have gone down the cheesy route, but they have been reinvented and are just genius.

”What I’ve enjoyed most recently is being a villain in this black comedy film Posh, and it’s something I really enjoyed playing on the darker side of life, so having the opportunity to play a villain would be pretty epic.”

Speaking about his role in the Hunger Games trilogy, Claflin said: ”Obviously it’s been a big part of my life for the last three years so it’s hard to believe that’s coming to an end but it’s definitely coming to an end which will be very sad.”


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One response to “Sam Claflin wants villain role in comic book movie”

  1. Barbara says:

    Sam Claflin is to refine to play a villain ina comic book. To me this idea is comic itself. He cannot be a villain with such an angel like appearance. IMHO.