Samuel L. Jackson fronts new male cancer charity campaign


Trying to raise awareness about testicular cancer, Samuel L. Jackson has teamed up with in a new campaign for male cancer charity One For The Boys.

The actor has filmed a two-minute video in which he urges men to take better care of their health by having regular medical checkups.

In the video message, Samuel says: “Have you got balls? Fact: 30 per cent more men die of cancer than women. Whaaat? Get outta here! That’s right: 30 per cent. Thirty motherf**king per cent. Why? Because they don’t get themselves checked out early enough. They don’t want to hear or talk about it, because it ain’t the manly thing to do. They’re too macho.”

He continues, “By not getting checked, you could lose those balls. Hell – you could lose your life! So boys, don’t be dumb. If you’ve really got balls, show them to your doctor.”


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One response to “Samuel L. Jackson fronts new male cancer charity campaign”

  1. Magnus says:

    One of the reasons men are less likely to discuss concerns with their doctor is because often, they will not see their doctor as much as women do. For example, take a perfectly healthy male and female specimen. The female would be in contact with her gp or practice nurse far more often to discuss matters such as contraception.