Sandra Bullock gets handprint and footprint ceremony

Sandra-Bullock-Hand--Footprint-Ceremony Oscar winner Sandra Bullock was honored at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theater Wednesday with her very own handprint and footprint ceremony.

The actress planted her hands and feet in wet cement outside the landmark and besides George Clooney and Chelsea Handler, her main support was her 3-year-old son, Louis. However, Sandra said she won’t be exposing her child to any further Hollywood events.

“Oh no events, no events. He doesn’t want to be here, he doesn’t go to any other events,” she told E! News. “This is the only one that I thought would be sweet for him…the people that you follow, literally, in their hands and footsteps are pretty amazing. And it’s something that he can enjoy later on in life. He doesn’t like it, but I thought if he remembers himself here and he sees some photos that we all took, it’ll make him happy in the long run.”

sandrab092513-spBullock told the crowd that the print ceremony really was all for Louis, adding, “This way, when he’s 16 and he hates me, I can take him to this moment and say, Look, people said really nice things about your mother.”

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One response to “Sandra Bullock gets handprint and footprint ceremony”

  1. Robert says:

    wise, Sandra! I can tell she is very caring mother! Yes, I also think it is better not to take her son to nay other events. Children, as a rule, do not like crowded events. I like the humorous tone of the Hollywood star when giving an interview. I hope her son will never have to hate her. Good luck, dear, in everything you do! You are simply fascinating!