Sandra Bullock to put son first in 2014

Sandra-Bullock--2013-Hollywood-Film-Awards--12 2013 was a busy year for Sandra Bullock. She spent much of the year on movie sets and red carpets, but her plans for 2014 are different. The actress wants to put her son first and spend time with him.

She tells Entertainment Weekly, “I have a feeling that work is going to shift now because I don’t want to drag him around to places. There are a lot of prerequisites that have to happen for me to be happy. He really will be happy anywhere, but I want to know as a mom that I’ve provided him people, experiences, education – life things – before I go, ‘I’m an actress and I need to act’. I really don’t need to act.”

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2 responses to “Sandra Bullock to put son first in 2014”

  1. Megan says:

    Very wise words, dear Sandra – family comes first. You should watch your son growing up and developing into a great man and you need to be with him – to be his family, means being around him. I like your New Year’s Eve resolution. Keep it, up, dear, keep it up! You are doing the best job on earth – being a great mother!

  2. Andrew says:

    Family comes first, I am happy Sandra understand this. I will miss her if she stops acting, definitely, but I understand her being a mom first of all. I am mother myself, so I know what kids mean in a life of a woman. I am sure Sandra is a very loving, caring and attentive mother after reading this article.