Sarah Jessica Parker addresses sexism in fashion industry

sarah-jessica-parker-2013-ee Sarah Jessica Parker is known as a style icon but she will think twice before taking another job in fashion industry. The actress had a bad experience with a certain fashion company which made her realize that sexism is present even nowadays. The actress doesn’t want to reveal which company she is talking about but everything points to design house Halston where she briefly worked as the Chief Creative Officer.

Sarah Jessica Parker for Maria Valentina Fall 2013She told Marie Claire magazine: “I was brought in to help run a fashion company for about a year (although I don’t want to name names). I was shocked to experience an old-fashioned attitude about women and business: women had titles but were treated as figureheads. So it wasn’t one negotiation, but an ongoing negotiation to make it clear that my voice was just as important, and that if they wanted me to be an active participant, it had to be an open conversation.”

After all that’s happened, Sarah says she learned a lesson on how she would behave in the future.  “I would’ve been stronger. But cultures are very hard to undo. I probably would’ve said, ‘This is what I’ve witnessed and this is what I know we need to fix. If it can’t be fixed, we should all shake hands and go our separate ways’,” she said.

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