Sarah Jessica Parker denies hand surgery

sarah-jessica-parker-opening-night-after-party_3965514 Appearing on Watch What Happens Live talk show, Sarah Jessica Parker slammed the reports claiming she had had a surgery on her hands.

The actress was shocked when she read that she had undergone a surgical procedure to make her hands look younger.

She said: “It was a really particularly vicious issue and it was all about how all these particular people are hated and they’re the worst and they’re awful and everybody hates them. It was really brutal and I was literally thinking to myself, ‘Good God, I escaped that.’

Sarah_Jessica_parker”And I flipped the page and there was an article about my hands and how ugly they are and how I should go have cosmetic surgery to fix them and I have been contemplating the surgery, or I had the surgery. And then there was a really crude drawing of my hands as a witch’s hands. Literally, I was in the car like, dizzy. I felt like I needed to be hospitalized.

”But it really got me to thinking. And here’s what I thought: I thought, ‘Really? This is how low?’ Like, we are now going to attack, to suggest an appendage is now worthy of … it was so ridiculous. Here’s the thing, we’ll wrap this up – I love my hands.”

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One response to “Sarah Jessica Parker denies hand surgery”

  1. Hank says:

    Sarah, unfortunately, there are people, who just need to sell the news and some scandalous things about celebrities. They couldn’t find anything just to discuss your hands and make look them ugly. I am sure many women are jealous to look like you. I am happy you love your hands and we love you, dear. Please, never get low and reply to such ‘publicists’. Just wait and you will see how their fate will revenge them. They are already miserable to get that low. What can be worst?!