Sarah Jessica Parker: There won’t be ‘love and the City’ 3

Appearing on Ellen DeGeneres show on Wednesday, Sarah Jessica Parker dismissed the rumors that there will be a third love and the City movie. “I’ve tried to make up some interesting answers every time I’ve been asked this question lately,” she said. “The truth of the matter


is there has been no real conversation about a third movie at all.”

However, Michael Patrick King, the show’s executive producer, hinted at the possibility of making the third film. Last month he told Entertainment Weekly: “I think there’s one chapter left. Sarah Jessica and I both know what that final chapter is.”

Even though Sarah did agree with Michael about there being more stories to tell, she didn’t want to give any specific answers about the movie.

“I know there is a story, but whether or not the story is ever told remains really one of the great mysteries of all time,” she said.

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4 responses to “Sarah Jessica Parker: There won’t be ‘love and the City’ 3”

  1. Leah says:

    The present article still didn’t provide a definite answer on weather the third part of the famous TV series ‘Sex in the City’ is going to be shot or not. Definitely there is no continuation, yet, but who knows maybe there will be the change of plans since there are thought and plans for the continuation of the story. People seemed to love these series as they were very famous. This is a great reason to earn more money and love of the audience. But what will be – will be, so be it!

  2. Kitty says:

    Ahhh how come there will be no “Sex and the City 3”? That is so sad, I am sick of all those producers and actors who were all stating that there will be the third part, especially from the ones that were stating this part will be quite soon. Why are they lying to people, if there is one than why not telling it honestly so the fans would happily wait for the event, and if there is not, then why hiding that?! What’s the drama with hiding things right now? I truly hate that. I am an honest person who cherishes honesty in surrounding people most of all. It is sad when people are pretending to be something that they really are not.

  3. Shannon says:

    Now I am confused, as first of all Sarah Jessica Parker says that there will be no kind of continue for the show, and after that she says that there is another story in the show that is supposed to be revealed. This kind of answers make me angry, as I don’t really understand them, they are stating something firmly and at the same time have a place for “a but”. And by the way not a long time ago I have read Mr. Big’s interview who was stating that there will be the third part and he was saying that it will be quite soon. Maybe the producers are preparing a surprise for all their fans and that is why they are not really revealing the subject?

  4. Ryan says:

    Well I do hope that they will not shoot another part of the show, as the second part which was filmed in Dubai, really sucked, I came to the cinema with an awaiting of something wonderful, as I loved all the seasons of the show, as well as the first full movie, but when I saw the movie, it became such a huge disappointment for me that I didn’t even realize how were they able to kill the total impression of the show with less than two hours. That is why I do not like sequels, they ruin the whole impression on the movie and heroes, the only sequel I liked , well actually it is not a sequel, it is a part of saga, was the “Twilight”, but that’s pretty much it, aw and “Die Hard” (the first three movies).