Scarlett Johansson shares Christmas tips

scarlett-johansson-70th-venice-film-festival-_3846997 Scarlett Johansson has an interesting strategy on how to prepare for Christmas so she could eat on the big day as much as she likes without feeling guilty.

The blonde beauty works out extra hard weeks before the holiday so she can over-indulge and not worry about piling on weight.

She says: “I make sure I hit the gym a lot before the holidays. Then I don’t feel guilty about over indulging at holiday parties!”

Speaking to Marie Claire, Scarlett shared some other tips for Christmas such as avoiding hosting duties and choosing presents carefully.

“I like to go to other people’s parties because when I host them, all I do is clean the whole time! I usually bring a bottle of Champagne and mistletoe,” she says.

When it comes to gifts for the loved ones, she adds, “I always look for a present that my friend or loved one covets but would never ask for themselves.”

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One response to “Scarlett Johansson shares Christmas tips”

  1. Bella says:

    Scarlett, thanks for the very helping hints. I had rocked the gym a month before the festivity dinner and I am not giving it up even during winter holidays. I simply enjoy working out and as a result I am in a great shape and can eat whatever I like. Still, I am not a fan of body builder bodies, so I am not a fanatic. I like to avoid hosts these days too and for my special people I choose the gifts very thoroughly, like Scarlet, does as I think that the dreams should come true on Christmas – a magic time!