Schwarzenegger – Tom Arnold’s personal trainer

x240-Xb6 In order to help his good friend Tom Arnold lose weight, Arnold Schwarzenegger became his personal trainer.

Tom managed to shed 90 pounds since last year and he credits Schwarzenegger with helping him to achieve his goals by working out with him in his luxurious gym.

He said: “If Liberace had a gym – it’s like a Versailles – there’s columns and statues and paintings of his family. You go in there, he’s got a lot of his buddies, they’re European. They got their shirts off and G-strings on… and they wear the real short shorts.”

“He really cares… He means well, but it’s very intimidating. By him just looking at you when you’re working out, you feel very insecure… He jams his big meaty finger into your belly,” Tom added.

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4 responses to “Schwarzenegger – Tom Arnold’s personal trainer”

  1. Leo says:

    The story of Tom Arnold’s body transformation goes on. I am glad he has turned his habits to the healthy ones and does everything to live a longer healthier life for his son. Schwarzenegger will make a great trainer for him. He is strict and this is the way a real trainer should be. Training in a luxurious gym with the legendary muscle star, what can be better? This is just the dream of mine I am so jealous to Tom Arnold now.)

  2. Ernie says:

    I am very proud of Arnold Schwarzenegger for being such a good friend who is not only staying in good fit himself, but is also helping his friends to stay in a good fit. I love that, I wish I would have a same friend with whom to go to the gym and who would stimulate me to do some more workout when I am usually doing. I would love that, and who knows maybe in the near future I will have one, I mean I certainly need to get such a friend, as I gained too much extra weight after all the winter holidays. I am wondering how Tom Arnold will look like after he will follow all of the Arnold’s recommendations, will he look same awesome as Schwarzenegger looks in his age? Or maybe not really, as Arnold went to this kind of shape for many, many years, and it really takes time before getting into same kind of shape for a person. Anyway I love Tom Arnold even the way he is right now, even if he is a little chubby he still looks cute and nice, his hero’s characters are also some decent ordinary people, I like that, not everyone is supposed to save the world from the bad guys in the movie, for this kind of role we have Arnold Schwarzenegger I can’t wait to see the new movie with him that has been aired not a long time ago, I guess that one is supposed to be a good one.

  3. T-killah9 says:

    Wow, a gym of his own in his house, that looks awesome, I would love to have a gym of my own at home, but probably that costs like a fortune, so I guess I will stay stick to my fitness. Well of course what I was thinking off than even mentioning that it surprised me, he is the ex governor of California, of course he was not working out with regular people in a regular gym, as people there would probably make pieces of him, even though he is in a pretty good shape. I guess there is nothing better than spending time with some good friends while sharing love for the same hobbies, such as workouts, if only that can be called a hobby. I guess so, though I am not very sure about that. Tom Arnold is also a great person, he has a funny charisma, and for some reason I think that in his real life he is exactly the type of person who would be right there by your side in the moment of need. I guess there should be more people like him not only in Hollywood, but in real life also, as this kind of people helps other ones becoming better, if not for their own sake, than for the sake of people around them. I have a friend who is same character, her name is Alyssa, actually she is my best friend and I am really proud of that.

  4. Raiza says:

    It is awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking care of Tom Arnold, as the last one really needs to lose some weight, as well as to start looking healthier, and I am glad that he has such a good friend willing to help him in that. I know how hard it is to decide starting workouts, as well as I know how start it is following some diet, I have been through that, and I am still going through that, so hopefully someday soon Tom Arnold will also see the results of the time spent in the gym and will feel himself same happy and determined for something more as I feel, I wish him lots of luck in attending all of the goals set, I know he can do it, he can and he will.