Selena Gomez: Demi Lovato is like my sister

selena Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have been friends for a long time and Selena says they are as close as sisters.

The two starts met on kids show Barney and Friends when they were both seven, and stayed very close ever since.

Selena told radio station Kiss 108: “We had a time where we did grow apart, but there’s not a single person on this planet that knows me like she does. She goes into my darkest place, and she goes into my lightest most incredible memories. There’s nothing like her and there’s nothing like us, so I will always cherish her…she’s like my sister. I’m very, very proud of her.”

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One response to “Selena Gomez: Demi Lovato is like my sister”

  1. Miley says:

    It is really good to have such a great friend, who is like a sister for you. Sometimes the friends are even closer than your true siblings are. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez even resemble each other as if siblings. Can you see this too? I am happy girls cherish their friendship and are proud of each other and their achievements in all spheres of life. Keep it up, girls!