Selena Gomez doesn’t care about Justin Bieber’s new romance


It seems that Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend. Her name is Yovanna Ventura and she is a model.

And while the new couple enjoy the early days of their relationship, Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez reportedly couldn’t care less about their romance.

A source told HollywoodLife: ”Selena doesn’t care who Justin is dating. All she knows is she’s done with him and his immature behavior. He’s all talk and no action.”

”If he wants to date a teenager like Kylie or a wannabe model, then let him. She’s done and moving on from the broken promises and drama,” the insider added.


An eyewitness who saw Justin and Yovanna together looking cozy in Las Vegas and on Venice Beach, said: “Justin’s been staying in a suite with some of his buddies and Yovanna who kind of comes and goes. But he has made a point to lavish her with affection.

“When she was visiting a couple of days ago, Justin had 12 pink and white roses delivered to the room for her. It was some sort of surprise. He gave the delivery guy $100 bill as a tip.

“And apparently he’s been in a super good mood and really friendly.”

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2 responses to “Selena Gomez doesn’t care about Justin Bieber’s new romance”

  1. Dervon says:

    I like how everything is “Said a source or someone close to beibs” why do they ever say “Said Selena Gomez or admitted Bieber . In case these peeps didn’t notice JB said “Apparently every girl I am photographed with is my GF, this is my only gf” as he posted a pic of him & a fan on Instagram. these people need to get a life

  2. Serena says:

    Yeah right then next week you’ll see two of them together and then in 2 weeks you’ll see they broke up again.