Selena Gomez happy for Justin Bieber

selena_gomez_638642 According to insiders, Selena Gomez doesn’t have time to think about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber and is happy he is moving on. The two of them broke up earlier this year and Bieber was seen kissing blonde waitress Jordan Ozuna in Las Vegas earlier this month.

A source told ”Selena has been doing a bunch of things like dealing with her mom and new sister, hanging out with friends and doing her own thing and really doesn’t have time to worry about Justin anymore. She has seen how he has changed and doesn’t want much of anything to do with him. As for the new girl, she doesn’t even know who this new girl is, so she is not too worried about it. She has moved on and now she is happy Justin is moving on as well.”

Selena is rumored to be dating English singer Ed Sheeran.

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