Selena’s new crush

After the incredible love story of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, the entire world stays focused on their spilt now.  After the split Selena has entered in a shell for some time, while Justin has been very active not only on the stage but in his personal life as well. While celebrating at a party for Selena’s magazine cover, she revealed to everyone that she is free now, that this relationship taught her many things, and from the other side it changed her completely.

It is expected Selena’s new album, which will show that the good girl gone wild not only in her songs but in expressions as well.  Gomez also mentioned that there are no hard feelings in her life anymore.  But rumors say that Selena has been distracted by Zayn Mailk, who mentioned in his interview that he would definitely kiss her. When Selena was shown Zayn’s picture, she declared the same thing about the young singer from the boy’s band called “One Direction”. So it is not certain the fact whether it is a friendship or it is the beginning of a blooming relationship, but it is certain the fact that the feeling between those two young people is mutual. Watch out Zayn, Selena is a tough cookie!

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