Seniors Dating Among Celebrities

seniors-dating-among-celebrities It is true that there is no boundary to love and age should not be a restriction to finding happiness in life. Love is so strong that it can make the old forget about their age and act as if they are in their teens. It breaks down all walls of separation such as age, color, tongue, class, etc.

Be that as it may, several celebrities have taken the bold step of finding love either as a senior or with a senior, and let go of all inhibitions to be loved again. Disregarding what the public opinion may be about their dating life, they go on living happily with their decision.

There are several seniors dating going on among celebrities, and it is worth knowing the stars in this category.

  1. Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick

Mick Jagger was born on July 23, 1943 (73 years old). He is an English songwriter, singer, and actor. He is a co-founder of The Rolling Stones, a rock band that was formed in 1962. He started dating Melanie Hamrick, a professional ballerina with American Ballet Theatre in 2014. In July 2016, the 29-year-old Melanie is confirmed pregnant with Mick’s baby. There is an age gap of 43 years between the couple.


  1. Steven Tyler and Aimee Ann Preston

Steven was born on March 26, 1948 (68 years old). He is an American songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and former TV music competition judge. He is the lead singer of Aerosmith, a rock band based in Boston. He is famous for his screams on-stage excellent displays. He was first suspected to be dating his assistant Aimee Ann Preston in 2014 when they were both seen on a vacation in Maui, Hawaii, USA. On February 28, 2016, they were seen romantically holding hands at the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Party. The age gap between them is 39 years.steven-tyler-and-aimee-ann-preston


  1. Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford

Rowan Atkinson was born on January 6, 1955 (61 years old). He is an English screenwriter, comedian, and actor. His famous works include “Mr. Bean” and “Never Say Never Again.” Rowan’s dating with Louise Ford, an actress and a graduate of Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, started in 2014 after his split with Sastry. Ford is 33 years old, indicating that there is an age gap of 28 years between them.

They, however, started living together in January 2016.


  1. Ronnie Wood and Sally Humphreys

Ronnie Wood was born on June 1, 1947, and named Ronald David Wood (69 years old). He is an English songwriter, singer, rock musician, and artist. He is a member of “The Rolling Stones” a rock band and also joined other groups. Early in 2012, the famous musician began to date Sally and got married the same year. Sally is a 38-year-old theater production company owner and in May 2016, they welcomed twin daughters.

The age gap between them is 31 years.


  1. Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver

Dick Van Dyke was born on December 13, 1925, and named Richard Wayne Van Dyke (90 years old). He is an American writer, comedian, singer, dancer, actor, and producer. His fame in the entertainment world has spanned several decades, and he has received several awards such as Grammy, Tony, and Emmys. Besides, in 1995, he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. He married Arlene Silver in February 2012. Silver is a make-up artist, and there is an age gap of 46 years between them.


  1. Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva

Richard was born on August 31, 1949, and named Richard Tiffany Gere (67 years). He is a famous American actor that started his acting career on the 70’s. He has won several awards such as the Best Cast- Screen Actors Guild Award and Best Actor- Golden Globe Award. Alejandra Silva was born on February 16, 1983, in Spain (33 years old).  Richard and Silva are rumored to have dated for at least a year before going public in June 2016. There is an age gap of about 34 years between them.


  1. Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch

Jerry Hall was born on July 2, 1956 (60 years old) and named Jerry Faye Hall. She is an American actress and model. She had a relationship with Mick Jagger and they have four children. Rupert was born on March 11, 1931 (85 years old), and he is a famous Australian-born American media tycoon. They got married on March 4, 2016, after a two months’ engagement.

There is an age difference of 25 years between them.


  1. Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Hugh was born on April 9, 1926 (90 years old). He is a famous American businessman, playboy, and adult magazine publisher. Hefner was born on April 29, 1986 (30 years old). She is an American singer, model, and TV personality. They got married in December 2012. There is an age gap of 60 years between them.


  1. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Harrison was born on July 13, 1942 (74 years old). He is an American actor and film producer. Calista Flockhart was born on November 11, 1964 (52 years old). She is an American actress. They started dating in 2002 and got married in 2010. There is an age gap of 22 years between them.

  1. Ellen Barkin and Sam Levinson

Ellen Barkin was born April 16, 1954 (62 years old). She is an American film producer and actress. Sam was born in America in 1985 (31 years old), and he is an American screenwriter, actor, and director. Their dating took place between 2008 and 2011 with an age gap of 31 years.


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