Shailene Woodley doesn’t like glamorous Hollywood parties

Shailene Woodley

She is one of the  Hollywood’s brightest rising stars, but Shailene Woodley is not a fan of glamorous showbiz events and would rather spend her time on a beach.

The young actress insists she can’t imagine ever leading the glitzy life like most movie stars and prefers to fly under the radar.

She told Company magazine: ”I don’t really participate in any of the hoopla. I lead a fairly low-key life – I’m a beach girl and the idea of putting on a dress and heels when I could be on the beach just doesn’t appeal to me!”

Shailene also says she is focused on her career and tries to ignore all the negative comments.


”Someone once told me that it’s none of my business what anyone else thinks of me. That was an epiphany. The thing about this industry that ungrounds people so often is fear. It’s the fear of not being accepted, not being enough, being compared, not being this or that…It’s just clutter! It just doesn’t need to be there,” the actress explained.

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2 responses to “Shailene Woodley doesn’t like glamorous Hollywood parties”

  1. Harley says:

    At first I was laughing at how absurd she sounds, but she genuinely seems to love her natural lifestyle, so good for her. Everyone deserves to be happy with the way they live. I hope she gets real medication if she ever needs it though, natural remedies can only do so much…

  2. Mara says:

    I like Shailene and her liking of simple life style. I do not like glamorous parties and drinking much out as this is simply the waste of your energy and time. I am happy that not all the celebrities are sophisticated people, who think much of themselves as the result of being spoiled by money and fame they have in abundance.