Shia LaBeouf sent penis pictures to land ‘Nymphomaniac’ role

shia-labeouf-new-york-premiere-of-the_3583692 In a video interview done by Zentropa Productions, the company behind new movie Nymphomaniac, Shia LaBeouf has revealed that he sent photos of his pod to get the role.

”The first info we got – and I’ll never forget this because my entire team reacted with such fear – the first request from the production end, not Lars, was for pictures of my pod,” the actor said.

”Lars goes, ‘Send him the letter. The letter was, ‘Are you game?’ I guess the first test was, ‘Let’s time how long it takes this motherf****r to send his d**k over the Internet,’ ” Shia added. ”It was like 20 minutes; they were like, ‘Alright, kid’s ready.”’

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One response to “Shia LaBeouf sent penis pictures to land ‘Nymphomaniac’ role”

  1. Audun says:

    Hehehe! This was an interesting article. The name of the movie speaks for itself and the photos of the penis I believe were necessary. If I were to send such pictures to gain the role, I would win an Oscar! LOL even though the move I didn’t see the screen yet, I know what the major focus will be on. I will go and watch the movie just to see why this part of Sia LaBeouf was important. )))