A creative direction studio is basically a planning or conceptualization department of any type of artistic industry. It concentrates on the development of new designs and structures that express creative ideas of architects, artists and creative designers. A creative direction studio can be founded as a small office in a residential area, or it can be established as a studio in a museum or an art gallery. Creative direction can also be given as a degree at any art institution.

A good design is a sketch or blueprint for the creation of an object, a structure or a process, or even for the production of a product or procedure, or the outcome of that sketch or blueprint. The word ‘design’ in this context refers to the whole range of activities which involve determining the form and structure of something, identifying the content of the thing, and finally improvising it into something new and attractive. The designer who produces a good design has to have a clear vision, a proper understanding of the purpose for which he is making the design, and the means by which he can bring his ideas to life. Designing is not only about aesthetics but includes practical issues such as usability, safety, cost effectiveness, durability, and many other aspects. A designer also needs to be imaginative and creative.

Aesthetics are involved in user interface design, which is a branch of graphic designing. User interface, as the name suggests, refers to the visual appearance and functions of an application. In the history of computer applications, UI design works mainly with designing user interfaces, which enables people to interact with the programs. User interface design includes various areas such as desktop user interface, window user interface, menus, toolbars, buttons, pointers, and many other specialized areas. User experience is the key to success, and a good designer must know how to create user interfaces that satisfy their customers.

Another branch of web design is product management, which involves creating the infrastructure for delivery, sales, and technical support. Most of these techniques involve research, development, testing, and monitoring. Web designers usually create websites for business or non-profit organizations, while product management professionals deal with the development of new products.

In computer software development, the term UI or user interface design is usually used to refer to the visual part of an application, such as its user interface. The user interface draws the user to a point where he/she can select a particular item, make a choice, enter text, etc. The visual elements that compose the user interface draw people’s attention and make them comfortable with using the application. UI designer plays an important role in the creation of user interfaces because he/she has to make sure that the application is easy to use and functional.

A final branch of web and UI design works is information visualization, which refers to the methods, tools, and computer programs that create representations of data and allow users to manipulate it. Information visualization is used in such fields as scientific publishing, advertising, and interactive media. Web and UI designers are also involved in information visualization because it often requires a good designer to make things look attractive. Good design works in the areas of business, science, technology, and medicine.

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