Sophia Bush injured on set of ‘Chicago PD’

sophia-bush-global-green-usas-9th-annual_3746313 Actress Sophia Bush got injured while shooting a scene for her new series Chicago PD.

The actress was doing a scene is which she runs after a suspect when the accident happened. She took to Instagram on Sunday and shared a photo of her wearing a neck brace and posted a message.

“Friday was not fun,” she wrote. “Had an accident chasing a bad guy through the mean streets of Chicago. Don’t worry y’all. I am okay. The Ct scan said so. My brain is in tip top shape despite my concussion. Just a little whiplash and a seriously bruised butt. And a slightly bruised ego.”

sophia-bush-seriously-injures-her-butt-on-set-of-chicago-pdShe also added: “But these war wounds are worth it. My job is the s**t. #ChicagoPD @nbcchicagopd PS. All I kept thinking in the ER was, ‘where are Shay and Dawson!?’ @nbcchicagofire.”

The new police drama series centers on the Chicago Police Department’s District 21 and will premiere January 8, 2014.



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One response to “Sophia Bush injured on set of ‘Chicago PD’”

  1. Wes says:

    I like Sophia Bush as well as Chicago Pd TV series. I am sorry to hear such accident happened. I like the picture and facial expression of the actresses though. I also like the sense of humor with which Sophia has commented on her photo. I believe a bruised ego is the most hurtful part of it. Well, Sophia has a perfect butt too, so no bruises there to are good. Heheheheh! Love you, Sophia