Sophia Bush visits Syrian refugees in Jordan


Sophia Bush visited Syrian refugees in Jordan on Monday.

The actress wanted to meet and see the living conditions of people who have left Syria because of the civil war in the country. She talked to them and played with children.

Encouraging people to help the refugees, Sophia posted a photo on Instagram and wrote: “Today was hard on the heart. We spent the afternoon in town of Mafraq, Jordan. The name of the town comes from the Arabic word for ‘split’. And it indeed feels like a fractured place.


“The city is swelling with refugees who have fled Syria, now having fled violence in the camps. These people are weary and exhausted. Fearful. All they want is to go home, but their homes are gone. They told us, ‘We are only alive because there is no death here’. They are existing. They do not feel like they are living. And yet still they were so welcoming.”

In conclusion, the actress says: “I encourage you. Do not turn a blind eye. Their story is our story. Bear witness. Listen thoughtfully. And learn lessons that will make you more determined to use your money, and most importantly your voices, for good… The light has to win here. It must.”


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