Stephen Baldwin pays another $100,000 toward NY tax bill

stephen-baldwin After handing over a certified check for $100,000 to the state tax department, Stephen Baldwin reduced tax debt he owes New York. He made the payment on Friday in Rockland County Court and is confident he can repay the remaining $243,000.

In March, the 47 year old pleaded guilty to tax evasion as part of a deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time. If he can fully pay off this amount by March 2014 his slate will be wiped clean.

Outside the courthouse Baldwin told reporters, “This was never about not wanting to do the right thing, never about not wanting or willing to pay what I owe.”

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One response to “Stephen Baldwin pays another $100,000 toward NY tax bill”

  1. Jack says:

    I can completely understand why someone would want to avoid tossing good money after bad into the New York government. It shows that, regardless of a person’s occupation or financial situation, all New Yorkers must meet their obligation to pay their fair share of income taxes in a timely manner. Yeah, if they feel like working that is. If they don’t, the state will arrest folks with money so the New Yorkers that want a free ride can have one.