Steve Carell wants to play a Bond villain

Steve-Carell-returning-for-The-Office-finale Actor Steve Carell has forged his way into the elite group of Hollywood funnymen thanks to playing good guys in movies such as Crazy, Stupid, Love and The 40 Year Old Virgin.

“I guess I’m just inherently a lovable person,” he said, adding, “People prefer to see accessible characters that they can relate to and potentially bond with — and like in some way. It’s always a harder sell when you player a character that’s a jerk and unredeemable. It’s always nice to have a little bit of redemption that’s available to a character.”

steve-600-1357568981 However, even though he likes playing lovable characters, Steve has revealed that his wish is to cross over to the dark side and shed his good guy image. The actor admits that he would to play a James Bond villain someday. He said: “My dream is to be a Bond villain. Everyone wants to be in a Bond film. There’s an interesting way that people depict Bond villains that they’re charismatic and almost likable, almost redeemable and human. Not a caricature or a villain but a human being who does bad things. I think it’s most actors’ dream to play a Bond villain.”

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