Susan Sarandon suing former business manager


Susan Sarandon has filed a lawsuit against her former business manager, claiming he lured her into investing millions of dollars into a real estate partnership that benefited his family.

According to TMZ , the actress alleges in her lawsuit she gave Richard Francis over a reported $10 million after being convinced to invest in a deal Susan claims he and his son had a huge stake in.

In legal documents Sarandon reveals she realized what was going on after she fired Francis last year.

Francis also allegedly “failed to diversify Sarandon’s portfolio, instead investing the majority of her assets in the real estate partnerships that he controlled and had a financial interest in.” He was “obligated to act solely in Sarandon’s best interest and place Sarandon’s interests above his own. Francis did the exact opposite,” the complaint says.

The lawsuit seeks to recover “substantial” damages, including “considerable monetary losses including and not limited to reduced value of her interests in Real Estate Partnerships.”

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3 responses to “Susan Sarandon suing former business manager”

  1. Selena says:

    Well this story is old as the entire world, i feel very sorry both for actors or actresses from one side and for their managers from the other side. Usually it is very difficult for me to judge as in order to be just i need to know all the truth from both sides, and not only from one that calims that the other one is wrong only. That is not nice at all. I think Susan is not that right as she was supposed to think carefully when she was investing her money, and usually in this kind of stuff before investing that huge amount of money into something, people do not rely on the good words, but hire a few different law firms that are making the financial analysis, whether it is worthy to take the chance and do something about it or not. It is her fault that she done none of the above.

  2. Hannah says:

    Well i suppose there are a lot of people in the world who live while robbing their own partners, that is why it is so sad to see them doing it. Because most of all it hurts when a close to you person is betraying you. I usually judge people while putting myself in their shoes, and i can say that it is definately very sad the fact that this kind of situation has happened to Susan Sarandon i really love this actress due to a variety of great movies that she performed in! Most of all i like the one in which she plays with Julia Roberts, i think she was awesome in it, although maybe she was that awesome because her character has died by the end of the movie, usually this kind of things makes you think about the movie over and over again even some time later.

  3. Gina says:

    I think people become very greedy and mean towards each other, they do not appreciate kindness and real friendship. I am sure during his work for years with such a demanded actress as Susan Sarandon, this manager has earned a lot of money on her expense, at the beginning she was working and making efforts in order to become famous, and later her fame was already working for her. But she was working for it, and she deserved everything that she had, while her manager have stolen everything she had and pretended to be a good friend to her, that is cheeky and really nasty, hopefully he will get into the black list of managers and bankrupt!