Sylvester Stallone embarrassed by Boxing Hall of Fame honor

sylvester-stallone-the-ed-sullivan-theater_3908022 When he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame back in 2011, Sylvester Stallone was “embarrassed” because he didn’t think he deserved to be among the boxing legends such as Mike Tyson or Julio Cesar Chavez.

The actor was honored for promoting the sport in his movies but he didn’t feel he was worthy enough because he is just an actor, not a real fighter.

Stallone says, “I was actually embarrassed by it (Hall of Fame honor) because I’m not a fighter, but they look at it like someone who helps promote boxing. Mike Tyson and Cesar Chavez, Jr. is amazing so it was another validation that I’m here promoting the sport.

“But I’ve always loved the sport even when I was a kid, seven or eight years old, just fascinated with this idea of two men just showing their hearts and going for it.”

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2 responses to “Sylvester Stallone embarrassed by Boxing Hall of Fame honor”

  1. Dereck says:

    I admire Sylvester Stallone: he is not only a strong, handsome man with a great acting career, but also a man of dignity, honor and I like this feeling of his embarrassment. It shows he is not thinking too much of himself and know what his real achievements are and what is not really his achievement in life. Nevertheless, I like the fact he is one in a row in the Boxing Hall of Fame. His love to this sport was rewarded beyond his expectations.

  2. Dana says:

    This man deserves it all! Sylvester is very devoted to what he does and what he likes. I admire this man as a person as an actor and a sportsman. Try to look like him at this age! It is a challenge, but not for him. Love you, Sylvester Stallone!