Sylvester Stallone took serious beating while filming ‘Rocky’ movies

An Evening with Sylvester Stallone - London

Making movies can be very painful and Sylvester Stallone knows it. The actor says he suffered multiple injuries while filming the Rocky franchise.

Some boxing scenes in the movies were so intense that his co-stars left him injured.

Speaking to New York Post, Stallone said: “I remember real punches making those films. Dolph Lundgren put me in the hospital. He hit my chest so badly doctors thought I was in a car accident… Carl Weathers broke my jaw. I never let on he actually did that. I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction of knowing he did such a great job.”

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4 responses to “Sylvester Stallone took serious beating while filming ‘Rocky’ movies”

  1. Alison says:

    I admire Sylvester Stallone for his acting job and his dedication to the movies and namely ‘Rocky’ franchise. If you want to be convincing then you have to play hard and look real. That is why when you do eth fights and boxing, the accidents are inevitable. I see some of the punches were real hard on this amazing actor, but his reaction to receiving them deserves my greatest admiration! He is a real Man starting with the big letter.

  2. Courtney says:

    Hmm I am shocked; I never thought that the good old Sylvester Stallone is the one who performs all of the tricks by himself, without using the help of some third person who would get all of the punches and traumas instead of him. I thought all of the actors are doing that, but now I respect him even more, for being so proud and do everything by him, I think those are the actions of a real man, who understands that no matter what he is in charge for all the things happening. It is a good thing to know that. Although I am a girl, I do love all of the parts about Rocky, I should admit that at some point of my life I even had a crush on Sylvester, a quite serious one, but it all ended when I read some article that he started his carrier as a porn star, of course I never believed the article, but I needed to be sure, so I discovered some video tapes with old porn in the store which I wish I never saw.

  3. Lena says:

    Well some, actors are able to surprise me, and I guess Sly is one of those, I always enjoyed seeing movie with him, as it seems to me he really knows what he is doing, and is not settling for something less. It is nice to hear that all the stunts in the movies he is doing himself without using help of a stuntman, I guess it is very honorable, I guess before that I read only about one actor doing the same thing, I mean Jason Statham. I think now I need to re watch all of the Rocky parts in order to be able to see the real emotions on Stallone’s face. Actually I do enjoy watching all over again some old movies I already saw many times in my life, I don’t know how but each time I do it I manage to find something new in the same movie I have seen hundreds of times before, and I think that it is something wonderful.

  4. Giselle says:

    Awe wow, I never knew that before, I guess now I will watch Stallone’s movies with more respect towards him than used to before. The problem is that all of the Rocky’s parts I watched with my boyfriend who is literally a fan of them, and of course while being a girl, I was interested in a bit different type of movie genre, of something that will make me cry and feel myself lonely (in the case of drama), or of something with a happy ending that would make me dream about my own future, and once again would make me cry. That’s why watching those movies about Rocky was not my favorite thing to do, not every girls is a fan of scenes where there is more blood on the floor than there is water in the Indian Ocean.