The carefree youth Quentin Tarantino spent behind the counter video rental store. Well, not really actually behind the counter – rather stifling womb utility room, where, not letting go of the remote control is the future creator of “Pulp Fiction” devoured tape after tape. Sometimes, between sleeping, watching videos and throwing scenario ideas, Tarantino gave himself up “sessions of self-abasement of Quentin.” They consisted of the following: “I have not slept all night, and walked like a zombie in the room and said to myself: man, all you have done in this life – complete shit. On the ruins of his self-esteem, it has been said that ¬ Tarantino was born with many Napoleons like ideas.

Today, the main object of adoration by Quentin – is, of course, its freshest film “Death Proof“, part two from Rodriguez with a double strike called Grayndhaus. Approximate translation of this term – threshing, it was the names of cinema, there were shown movies similar genres. Tarantino and Rodriguez have promised to do everything for real – as if the disposal of the creators of the classic grand house were a decent budget and are ready for all the Hollywood stars. Following the laws of the genre, filmmakers have kept the format double feature: grand house movies tend to go for a couple per session, broken rollers pictures run in the other sessions. Rollers “other films” from Tarantino and Rodriguez also have: advertisement nonexistent thrash masterpieces couple of trusted comrades in a bloody shop – Rob Zombie, Eli Roth and Edgar Wright.

Generally, the bloody film fans are a feast during the plague Hollywood dullness. Meanwhile, ignored by the system Tarantino takes revenged on the nonconformists, how he can. For example, in Europe and, in particular, in Russia the three-hour “Grand house” barbaric divided by the corresponding movie of Tarantino and Rodriguez, which will be shown with two month intervals. All those are reminiscent of a diabolical nightmare to a much greater extent than the actual plots of “Grand house

Speaking of stories, Quentin chose to express himself in his favorite slasher genre – particularly bloody subgenre of horror movies, the protagonist of which is usually a psychopathic killer, to straighten out the victims with particular clarity.

The main instrument of the murder of “Schemer” Quentin acts not with a banal knife or a gun, and – no less – “death of the schemer” machine. Owned by mad stunt man played by Kurt Russell, this car protects the driver from his death in the most unbelievable crashes, sending at the same time in the light of other citizens.

From the same place where all his other images – in other movies! When we conceived into this adventure, we were fine, that it will be two absolutely distinct subgenres of horror. I immediately chose a slasher and began search for tons of movies of this genre. With me always ¬ like this: I for the new sink in a genre, ¬ director or an actor and began to reconsider everything.



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