Taylor Schilling scared by police fans


Thanks to the Netflix hit show Orange Is the New Black, Taylor Schilling’s popularity has rocketed and the 29-year-old actress is still getting used to the attention, so she was left speechless when two police officers approached her to tell her how much they liked the show.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: “They were like, ‘Taylor Schilling!’ and I was like, ‘Oh, my God’. I thought people might be upset with me because I was doing this show about the prison system and these two police officers… were like, ‘Oh my God, we love your show!’

“I felt so bad because I couldn’t even pull it together and say, ‘Hey thanks’. I was so scared, and then they just drove away.”

TaylorTaylor admits that this transition from anonymity to celebrity wasn’t very comfortable for her and it took her some time before she could adjust to the situation and relax.

She explained: “There was a 24-hour period where everyone had watched all 13 hours of season one (of Orange is the New Black). All of a sudden there was over-familiarity… It’s very weird and deeply uncomfortable. People say some pretty mean things about my character.”

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