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Cuba is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, whose climate consists of three hundred sunny days a year. No wonder the famous writer Ehrenst Hemingway, who lived in Cuba, called this country “Paradise on Earth.” The inhabitants of this sunny state are famous for their hospitality and cordiality, but Cuban women are rightfully considered to be the most sunny and optimistic.

Cubans are very sociable people, for the local it is quite normal to have a non-committal conversation with a stranger on the street, simply because the mood is good or, conversely, sad. Cuba has a very weak education system. In the days of the USSR there was a base of good teachers, who are now completely retired. Schools are taught by former high school students with a low level of knowledge, and many subjects such as biology, geography, chemistry, etc. are united into one subject called “Ciencias naturales”. For citizens of Cuba, any medical care is provided free of charge, this applies to dentistry, which is not at the highest level now, and even services such as abortion. Cuban medicine is considered one of the best in the world. The relatively low cost of treatment attracts numerous foreign patients with severe or rare diseases. Cuba has a reputation not only for the tourist region, but also for a medical hospital with a wide base of specialized hospitals and a huge staff of medical personnel.

Cubans are incredibly clean, they try to take a shower in any convenient case, change at least twice a day and actively use antiperspirants and perfume. To have wet armpits in this hot tropical country is considered indecent and disgusting. You’ll never see a more sexual and alluring gait than Cuban girls. This feature of them has been manifested for about 10 years and continues to 30 years.

The women of this country are famous not only in Cuba, but far beyond its borders. Here are some Cuban celebrities that prove all the myths about Cuban beauty.

  • Daisy Fuentes. Cuban-American TV presenter and model. Father Daisy is a Cuban, her mother is from Spain. She was the first Latin American leading MTV and a representative of Revlon. You could see Daisy in advertising Pantene, American Express and M & M. She is also a philanthropist: she collects funds for breast research, and also helps a children’s research hospital that specializes in helping cancer patients to children.Daisy Fuentes Cuba
  • Rosario Dawson. Actress, singer, writer, who has Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban roots. She works with charities such as ONE Campaign, Oxfam, Amnesty International and Voto Latino. Rosario is also a representative of the charity program.Rosario Dawson cuba
  • Odette Annable. The mother of this thirty-year-old actress from Cuba, the father has Italian and French roots. Born in Los Angeles, Odette absorbed all the beautiful of these nations, that only it was possible.Odette Annable
  • Rachel Vallory is a 24-year-old Cuban actress and model, who first starred in Spanish-language films, and then moved to Los Angeles and started her modeling career.


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