The Most Beautiful Thai Women Celebrities

The Most Beautiful Thai Women Celebrities 2018 Most men around the world believe that Thailand is home of the most attractive women.

Most of the men believe that girls of Thailand have some hidden recipe for eternal youth. Indeed, many Thai people look much younger than other women at their age. This attracts men, but also the gracefulness and incredible harmony that almost all the girls from this heavenly corner possess, which is their characteristic feature.

In Thailand, all women are very fond of white-skinned people. In this light-skinned there is an absolute minority, they all work on television, in movies, models or belong to the royal family. The bulk of the population has dark skin of a shade of chocolate. Therefore, in order to be beautiful, the Thai women are hiding from the sun, and still use bleaching creams, masks and scrubs.

The cover of one of the most popular youth magazines also shines with a white girl. It’s clear that all the decorative cosmetics for the skin: tonal creams, powders, talcum powders have a light tint. It is clear that nature also urges dark hair to dark skin. Thai girls have dark-black hair. In this case, a rare girl is happy with what she has from nature. Thai women are not an exception. It’s fashionable to lighten the ends of hair, as if they burned out, or dye their hair in brown-chocolate tones, it’s also popular to leave natural color of the hair and highlight in red hues. Too long hair is also not very popular, because in the summer it’s quite hot. Therefore, the average length (to the shoulders or to the middle of the back) is the most popular option.

Janie Tienphosuwan

Janie Tienphosuwan

We would like to present some of the most beautiful Thai women celebrities 2018 that includes famous models, beauty contest winners, actresses, etc.

Tera Patrick (real name Linda Ann Hopkins) is an American adult movie actress. She is also known under the pseudonyms of Tera Patrick, Brooke Thomas, Sadie Jordan, Tera Hopkins, Tara Patrick and others. Her father is an Englishman and her mother is a Thai. When Tera was little, her mother returned to Thailand, and her father and Tera moved to San Francisco, where he brought her up alone. From 13 years she worked as a model. At 18, she dropped out of the modeling business and entered the university, where she received a nurse diploma and a bachelor’s degree in microbiology. After that she transferred to the University in Santa Barbara, where for financial reasons she again began to work as a model. In the early 90’s began to appear naked and in a light adult movie. Later became one of the most popular adult movie actresses in the world. In 2005, she opened an agency dealing with models and adult movie actors, to help guys and girls discover their talent and achieve success in pornography. She also created her own adult movie studio under the name “Teravision”.

Pancake Khemmanit

Pancake Khemmanit

Pancake Khemmanit Jamikorn is an actress, model. Janie Tienphosuwan is an actress and model of Thai-American descent. After the divorce of her parents, she moved with her mother to Thailand, where she became a successful actress and model.

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