The most highly paid TV actors

The most highly paid TV actors The modern viewer sitting in front of TV, loves, cares and sometimes even suffers about its favorite heroes not less than in the cinema hall. So eventually the fees of the television stars lately started to compete with the incomes of the movies. And even the popular Hollywood actors have started appearing in a variety of sitcoms or “soap” operas more often. Here we offer a rating of the stars according to the wage they get for appearing in TV shows. It is interesting that the honorary for an episode can be smaller from one hero to another even if they work in the same show, but their appearance in the show is bigger or lesser according to the hours worked.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton KutcherSo the first platinum place in our rating goes to Ashton Kutcher, who earned almost seventeen millions, and who was loved by its viewers in the TV show “Two and a half Men”. Kutcher was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in the family of Larry Kutcher (he was employee at “General Mills” factory), and Diane Finnegan (who worked for “Procter & Gamble” company). His mother’s ancestors were Irish people; as a result Ashton was grown in a conservative family who was professing Catholicism. Kutcher has an elder sister Tasha, and a twin brother Michael who went through heart transplant operation since he was small. Ashton went to Washington High school in his native city after which his family moved to Homestead where he continued his studies at Clear Creek Amana High School.

That was the time when the future actor took part in a school performance for the first time, and he really liked that. In august 1996 Ashton went to the Iowa University after graduating which he was supposed to become a biochemist. He studied very hard- and his greatest motivation for it was his great desire to find the cure from his brother’s disease. He was kicked out of the hostel where he lived because he was causing too much noise to his neighbors. That was the time when he thought he knows everything about life, but in reality he didn’t even had a clue.  He was partying all nights long, and one of those parties he was spotted and offered participation in a modeling contest “Fresh Faces of Iowa”. After winning the contest he went to New York and started working as a model.

Jon Cryer

Jon CryerThe second place went to Ashton’s colleague of the “Two and a Half Men” TV show, who earned fourteen and a half million of dollars for the show Jon Cryer. Actually he was getting six hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode. Cryer was born in April 1965 in New York, his mother Gretchen Cryer is a famous playwright, and also she was composing songs, actress and singer, while his father Donald David Cryer is an actor. Jon has two sisters- Robin and Shelly. Since being twelve years old Jon was dreaming about a carrier of an actor, he was attending the school’s center of arts, and in 1983 he successfully graduated the Bronx High School. But to his mother’s great disappointment he left studying for the sake of the carrier of an actor, which is why he went to the “Royal school of drama” in London. In 1984 Jon started appearing in the cinema and on the television; mostly he was performing the supporting roles. The real fame was brought to him by participation in the movie “The girl in pink”. Later he got many other supporting roles till the time when in 1990 he played in the comedy “Hot Shots” with Charlie Sheen. That was the moment when he started getting some bigger roles. It is interesting to know that a long time ago he was offered the role of Chandler in the “Friends” sitcom but he turned down the offer which he regretted very much later.

Mark Harmon

Mark HarmonThe third place belongs to Mark Harmon who earned twelve millions per year, his salary per one episode in “NCIS”. Mark’s father, Tom Harmon, was a football star of a national level during his studies in college; he was professionally playing for two years. His mother Elyse Knox in the forties was performing in the cinema. Harmon has two sisters: Kelly and Christine. Mark was born and grew up in California; in 1975 he graduated the California University in Los Angeles. In the university he was successfully playing American football on the position of quarterback, for which he was honored with National Football Foundation’s award. In the middle of 1970-s Harmon began playing supporting roles in various TV shows, since the beginning of his acting carrier he was mostly playing roles of doctors or police officers. In 1977 for a not significant role in the television show “Eleanor and Franklin: Years in the White House” he got his first nomination for the Emmy award.  In 2003 he appeared in the TV series of the show “Military Legal Service” as a special agent of the Criminal Investigation Service of the US navy. In the same year he began appearing in the TV show “NCIS: Special Force” in which he played one of the main roles.

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick DempseyOn the forth place is placed one of the main characters of the “Grey’s Anatomy” TV show, for appearance in which he got the honorary of eight and a half million of dollars, his earn per episode was three hundred fifty thousands of dollars. Patrick Galen Dempsey was born in January 1966, n the family of a school administrator Amanda and an insurance agent William Dempsey. Patrick was the youngest of three children in the family. When he was at school he was diagnosed with dyslexia, which explained his troubles with studying. But he was actively engaged with sports, and most of all enjoyed skiing and bicycling. But Patrick’s main hobby was juggling; he even won a prize on a national championship. In the beginning of 80-s Patrick went to New York in order to participate in the contest of young talents, after which he quickly got an agent. His first role he got in the theatre while travelling the country, without getting special education Dempsey started his carrier of an actor. He was sent to sing and juggle in a TV show “Success in one night”, after which he got the main role in a theatrical performance.  Due to his charming charisma and appealing physical appearance he began getting good roles only that is how he became popular.

Neal Patrick Harris

Neal Patrick HarrisOn the fifth place is situated Neal Patrick Harris who got more than five millions of dollars for his performance of Barney Stinson’s character in the TV show “How I met your mother”. Harris was born in June 1973 in Albuquerque, and grew up in Ruidoso. According to his younger brother, since the fourth grade Neal started performing in the school theater where he played the Toto’s role in the play “The Oz”. In 1991 he successfully graduated Cueva High School. His parents, Ron (the lawyer) and Sheila (the writer) moved in 1988, same year Harris debut in two movies: “Purple People Eater” and “Clara’s Heart” where the main part was performed by Whoopee Goldberg, and for role in which was nominated for the Golden Globe award. A year later when Neal was sixteen, he was invited to perform the main role in the TV show about a wonder teenager in a local hospital, in which he started as a heartbreaker teenager. In 1997 he played Carl Jenkins role in the movie “Starship troopers”. The biggest fame was brought to him due to the TV show “How I met your mother”. In 2000 he played in the movie “The best friend” where he played David’s role. Also he appeared as a guest star in “Will and Grace”. In one episode of the television show he played the character that was not able to realize his sexual orientation, and in the end he has chosen homosexuality.

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. HallOn the sixth place is situated the star of the “Dexter” TV show, which brought him three millions and a half. Michael was born in February 1971 in Role, in 1989 he graduated local high school, and after it he went to Earlham College in Richmond. Later he got bachelor’s degree in New York’s School of Arts. His acting carrier has started in 1999, when Sam Mendes has invited him to perform in the musical “Cabaret”. After it, Michael played David Fisher’s role in the TV show “Client always dead”. On the work upon the first season of the show he was nominated for the “Emmy” award.  In 2003, he played in the movie “Revenge Time”. In September 2009 was released “Gamer” where he played the main role. For the work in “Dexter” TV show in 2010 he got the “Golden Globe” award, and in 2008 he was nominated for “Golden Globe” and “Emmy”. Later he became the producer of the last seasons of the show. In 2002 the actor married with the actress Amy Spender. In 2006 they started the divorce process which was completed in 2007. In December 2008 Hall secretly married with the actress Jennifer Carpenter who played the role of his sister in “Dexter” TV show. In 2011 they split. Currently the actor is mostly concerned upon his carrier and health; as a result he is single.

Johnny Galecki

Johnny GaleckiJohn Galecki is on the seventh place of our rating, for the role in the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” where his salary per episode was three hundred of thousands of dollars, and annual income of seven millions of dollars.  In this TV show  he played the role of the scientist Leonard Hofsteder, actually at the beginning he was offered Sheldon Cooper’s role, but he refused by saying that Leonard’s role suits him better. John was born in Belgium in a family of American people. He has Polish, Italian and Irish roots. His mother Mary Lou- was a consultant on mortgages, and his father Richard was an ex army officer. When he was seven years old he came on the big stage of famous Goodman Theater in Chicago. While when he was eleven, he has been nominated for a prestigious theater award. When he was twelve he debut in cinema by performing the main role in the movie “One night from Jimmy Reardon’s life”. In 1989 he went to rehearsal of the movie “Christmas Holidays”. The next work in the cinema was linked with the television, where he appeared in the TV show “Sudden anger”. In the TV show Rosanne, he played his most famous teenager role, his character David was a very gifted and friendly guy who was liked very much by the critics and the viewers, and as a result Galecki was in the TV show till the end of it. In 1994 he got the prestigious Young Artist Award.

Simon Baker

Simon BakerOn the eighth place of our rating is placed Simon Baker, for the role in the TV show “Mentalist”, where he was paid three hundred dollars per episode. The actor was born in Launceston, Tasmania, in the family of Elizabeth Lumberton (school teacher of English language) and Barry Baker (mechanic). He was studying in the Bellona high school, which he graduated in 1986. Later Baker moved to Sidney in order to become an intern in the hospital but he never got his diploma. He was invited to perform more and more on the stage, after he attended rehearsal with his friend while being his moral support. Simon was educated being a catholic. He immigrated to the United States in 1995. He is married with the Australian actress Rebecca Rigg, together they have three children: Stella, Claude and Harry. Till current times they were living in Malibu, California, till the time when the actor haven’t got back to Sidney for a little while. Currently his family lives in Los Angeles. In 2012 Simon Baker has become “an ambassador of elegance”, of the Swedish trademark “Longines”. The Australian actor comprises all the classic things that Longines spreads, and he is perfectly matching the slogan of the company “Elegance- is lifestyle”. Since 2013 he is the official face of the Givenchy Gentleman Only perfume.


Angus T. Jones

Angus T. JonesOn the ninth place is situated Angus T, Jones, who is getting three hundreds of thousands dollars, for the show “Two and a half men”. Angus Turner Jones was born in October 1993. He is a famous American actor, who after performing in “Two and a half men” was honored with two awards “Young Actor” andTV Land”. In 2010 he was recognized as one of the most highly paid minor actor on the television. In November 2012 he appeared with the statement which was criticizing the TV show that has brought him fame and public recognition, by saying that his religious beliefs are in a deep conflict with the activity of his hero. Angus is actively doing charity work. It is interesting to know that at some point of his life he reconsidered everything in his mind and came with a video appeal on the youtube to his fans, by requiring them not to watch the show where he is performing one of the main roles, in order to keep their minds clear. Unfortunately the producers of the show didn’t really like that, as a result there was started a conflict between the actor and the producers of the show. It is interesting to know that during the show he got a mentor who taught him many things in acting, that person was Charlie Sheen.

David Boreanaz

David BoreanazOn the tenth place is situated the actor David Boreanaz for his appearance in the “Bones” TV show for working in which he is getting two hundred fifty thousands of dollars per episode. David was born in May 1969 in Buffalo, but grew up in Philadelphia. His father Dave Roberts was a meteorologist on a TV channel, while his mother Pattie Boreanaz was a tour operator. He has Italian roots from the father’s side and Slovak ones from mother’s side. He is a catholic, has two sisters- Beth and Bev. He attended Rosemont School of Holy Child in his childhood and later Malvern Preparatory School, later he went to private college Ithaca, after graduating which went to Hollywood in order to continue carrier of an actor. The actor lives in Los Angeles. He was married with Ingrid Quinn since 1997 till 1999. In November 2004 he married with his childhood frined the actress Jamie Bergman, together they have two children; a son Jaden Rain (born in 2002) and a daughter Bordeaux Vita (born in 2009).  In 2010 he confessed that he had an affair and also he stated that he and his wife are working upon keeping their marriage and family. The actor is a close friend of Emily Deschanel and Christian Cane, with whom he worked in the TV shows: “Bones” and “Angel”.

Tim Allen

Tim AllenOn the eleventh place is situated the actor Tim Allen for his role in the TV show “The last real man”, his honorary was two hundred twenty five thousands per episode. He became famous due to his role in the sitcom “Big refurbishment”. His role in the movie “Looking for a galactic” still remains one of his mostly popular roles. Also he is famous with his roles in Disney movies, such as: “Santa Clause’s contract” and “Toy stories”. Allen was nominated for one Emmy award and five times for Golden Globe awards. In 1995 for the role in “Big Refurbishment” he was nominated with “Golden Globe” award in the nomination “best actor of a musical and comedy TV show”. In 1999 Allen was named Disney’s legend for his work under movies and franchising upon “Toy story”. For the impact upon the television industry Tim Allen was awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 1996 he was honored with Kids Choice Awards. Currently he plays one of the main roles along with Nancy Travis in the TV show “Last real man” on the ABC channel. Tim is married with the actress Jane Hajduc.

Ted Danson

Ted DansonOn the twelfth place is situated Ted Danson who performs in the TV show “CSI”, for performance in each episode of the show he was earning two hundred twenty five thousands of dollars. Edward Bridge “Ted” Danson III was born in December twenty nine, in 1947; he is an American actor, who is mostly famous due to roles, in the sitcoms: “Cheers” and “Becker”. Also he performed in sitcoms “Shrink your enthusiasm” and “Deadly bored”, as well as in the drama “Battle”. During his carrier which is longer than thirty years, Danson was nominated for the Emmy awards for fourteen times, two of them he has won, also he was nominated ten times for the Golden Globe award, and three times he won. Also he got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1999. He got the second place in the list of twenty five television icons, according to the version of “TV Guide”. Also he appeared in a few movies, the most famous ones are, such as: “Three men and a child” and its sequel “Three men and a little lady”, as well as in the comedy “The relatives” with Isabella Rossellini. Since 1995 he is married with the Oscar winner, the actress Mary Steenburgen, Ted has raised two children from his wives’ previous marriage.

Michael Weatherly

Michael WeatherlyOn the thirteenth place is based the actor Michael Weatherly, due to his role in the television show “Navy: NCIS”, for performing in which he was earning one hundred seventy five thousands of dollars per episode.

In 1995 the actor has married with the actress Amelia Heinle, his colleague from the “Loving” and “The City”. In 1996 was born their son August Manning, in 1997 their marriage collapsed. In 2000 the actor was engaged with the actress Jessica Alba with who he worked on the same motion set during filming the TV show “Dark Angel», but the couple has parted as soon as they finished filming.  Sometime later there were rumors in the media that Weatherly is dating with Rachel Hunter. They didn’t marry as the actor was one of the most “hunted” bachelors in Los Angeles. In September 2009 Michael Weatherly has married with Bojana Jankovic, an oncologist doctor from Serbia. In April 2012, Michael has announced in Twitter network, that he has become a father he wrote that Bojana and he are proud to announce that there was born their daughter Olivia Weatherly. Together they are very happy, and already are thinking about having more children, the actor is saying that Bojana is the woman of his life and he has never been happier before that.

Alec Baldwin

Alec BaldwinOn the fourteenth place is situated Alec Baldwin, for his role in the “Studio 30” TV show, for appearance in this show he was getting three hundred thousands of dollars per episode. Alec Baldwin (whose real name is Alexander Ray Baldwin III), was born in April 1958 in Amityville, New York. He graduated George Washington’s University in Washington where his major was “Politic sciences”, and the New York University where he took drama classes, as well as Lee Strasburg’s Institute in New York. In cinema he debut in the movie “Doctors” in 1963. Also he worked in the theater on the Broadway (fairy tale by Craig Lucas “Prelude to a kiss” and a satire grotesque by Careel Churchill in the performance “Big Money”. Alec’s brothers: William, Daniel and Steven are also actors. His first wife the actress- Kim Basinger was married to him since 1993- to 2002. During their marriage was born their daughter Ireland in October 1995. His second wife the yoga instructor Hillary Thomas, they married in June 2012 in the Saint Patrick’s Chapel in New York. In this marriage in August 2013 in one of the New York’s clinics was born their daughter Carmen Gabriela. It is interesting to know that Alec Baldwin is vegetarian.

Chris O’Donnell

Chris O’DonnellOn the fifteenth place is situated the actor Chris O’Donnell, who due to performing in the TV show “NCIS” he was getting one hundred forty thousands of dollars per episode. O’Donnell was born in 1970 in Winnetka; he was the younger child in the family of seven children. From his father’s side he has Irish roots, while on his mother’s side- German ones. The boy was growing in a religious family and was attending the catholic school. In 1995 he graduated the Boston College with bachelor degree in the field of marketing. When he was thirteen he started working in the modeling business, and appeared in a few advertisings, as well as in McDonald’s advertising. His cinema debut was in the movie “Men never leave” in 1990. Also in the beginning of nineties he appeared in a few successful movies, such as: “Fried green tomatoes”, “School boundaries”, and in “Woman’s scent”.  After the success of the movie “Circle of friends” Chris performed in the fantasy movie “Batman Forever” where he played Robin’s character. The actor also was one of the main candidates for the role of Jack Dawson in “Titanic” by James Cameron, but as a result the main role was taken by Leonardo DiCaprio. After the commercial failure of the movie “Batman and Robin”, O’Donnell has taken time off in order to take care of family, as since his marriage with Caroline Fentress he has five children.

Alex O’Loughlin

Alex O’LoughlinOn the sixteenth place is Alex O’Loughlin who performed in the TV show “Hawaii Five-0” for which he was getting one hundred ten thousands of dollars per episode. Alexander O’Lachlan has changed his name after he stopped being a minor into Alex O’Loughlin. He was born in August 1976 in Canberra. In 2002 O’Loughlin has graduated the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sidney, after which he performed in the theatre for a few years. The first role Alex got in 2004 in the movie “Oyster Farmer” and for the role in an Australian TV show about Mary Bryant he was nominated a few times as the best actor. In 2005 he tries his power as a screen writer and cinema producer in the movie “Feeding” where he played one of the main roles. In February 2010 he signed a contract with CBS for appearing in the TV show “Hawaii Five-0” where he played the role of a detective who was the head of police in Hawaii. In spring 2010 was released the romantic comedy “Plan B” where he main roles were performed by Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin.

Currently the actor lives in West Hollywood, he is educating a son (who was born in 1998). In the period since 2005 till 2009 he was dating with the Australian model and pop singer Holly Valance. Since January 2012 Alex is dating with the top model Malia Jones, in August 2012 was spread the news that they are expecting their first child, which is a second child for both of them.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh LaurieOn the seventeenth place is based one of the most wanted bachelors in the world Hugh Laurie, due to his performance in the TV show “House” where he played a character who was full of ego and sarcasm.  For each episode Laurie was earning seven hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hugh was born in Oxford, in a family of a doctor Ran Laurie and housewife Patricia. He is the youngest of four children, beside him there is one younger brother and two more sisters. He attended the Scottish Presbyterian Church. He studied in the prestigious private school, Oxford secondary school in Eton. In 1981 he finished Cambridge University with bachelor degree in anthropology and archeology. In the university started performing in Footlight Dramatic Club where his colleagues were also students, such actors, like: Emma Thompson and Steven Fry. With those people he worked many years after. Besides working on the television Hugh also worked in the cinema. It is interesting to know that Laurie is an actor, musician and a writer in 1996 he released a bestseller “The Gun Seller”, currently he works upon his second book “Paper Soldier”. In 2004 he changed his ample and started performing the role of misanthrope doctor who was very successful, and due to which he won two Golden Globe awards.

Julian McMahon

Julian McMahonThe eighteenth place goes to Julian McMahon and his role of evil Balthazar in the TV show “Charmed” for each episode of which he was earning one hundred and ten thousands of dollars. Julian is the second of three children in the family. He has an elder sister Melinda and a younger sister Deborah. His father sir William McMahon was the prime minister in Australia. After finishing school Julian has studied law in Sidney University, but after the first year of studies he felt bored and went into modeling business, working mostly in the commercial radio shows. In 1987 he was doing the modeling business in Los Angeles, New York, Milan and Rome. For a few years he was the face of the Levis brand. His appearance on the television in the jeans advertising has made him very popular on the motherland. This way he got a role in the Australian “Dynasty” TV shows where he played the role of a rich person who earned legacy. After work under that TV show, during a year and a half he started working in another successful TV show due to which he met his future wife Dannie Minogue. In 2000 he was invited by Aaron Spelling to perform in “Charmed” TV show. The contract was signed for only one season, the third one, but his hero Cole Turner was liked by the viewers so much that it was made the decision to extend his contract for the fourth and fifth seasons, but McMahon didn’t go till the fifth season, the reason of it never was claimed.

Chris Noth

Chris NothOn the nineteenth place is the actor Christopher David Noth, due to his role in the “love and the city” TV show, for appearance in which he was getting three hundreds of thousands dollars per each episode. Chris was born in November 1954 in Madison, Wisconsin. He is the youngest of three brothers, and during his college times he was travelling a lot in England, Yugoslavia and Spain, he also lived there for some time, though he never stayed there for too long. His mother was a reporter in CBS Company. Chris has finished the School of dramatic arts in the Yale University. The first appearance on the television he made in the movie “Off Beat” in 1981. After it, he was performing in various TV shows for four more years. In 1998 he appeared in the TV show “love and the City” where he played a role of a successful and spoilt rich man, who fell in love with one of the main characters in the show. After his success in that TV show, in 2000 he appeared as a supporting actor in a movie with Tom Hanks. In 2001 he performed in the movie “Glass House”. His theater carrier is also very successful. He played in a variety of performances, even in “Hamlet”. He lives in New York with his wife Tara Wilson. Together they have a son.

Matthew Perry

Matthew PerryOn the twentieth place is situated Matthew Perry due to his performance in the sitcom “Friends” where he played one of the main roles. After high school the actor went to the Glebe Collegiate Institute in Ottawa. The first steps in his carrier of an actor Perry made while being at school in the show “Our City”, where he played the role of George Gibbs, and appeared as a new person in the play “The miracle”. Patty Duke has attended the play, and made a very good revision of a young actor Perry. Also he appeared in the play “Sounds of music”. The producer Tim Hillman has planned the set of performance “Human Elephant” where he planned on giving Perry the role of John Merrick. Together with him was supposed to play Vanessa Smith.  After working on the television he planned on going to the University of South California, and when he was offered the role of Chess Russell in the TV show “Second Chance”, this way he changed the field of working to the cinema one.  But the biggest role of his life was the role of the character Chandler Bing, in the most popular sitcom ever “Friends” where he played with such great actors like: Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Cudrow, Courtney Cox and David Schwimmer.


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