The most highly paid TV actresses

The most highly paid TV actresses Being an actress is a great profession, and it is very difficult at the same time. But being actress on the television is even harder as the actress is playing same role for a huge period of time, and eventually she is getting attached to the entire acting group. Here is the list of actresses who are most successful as well as most highly paid.

Eva Longoria

Eva LongoriaThe first place in our rating goes to Eva Longoria; due to performing Gabriele Solis character in the “Desperate Housewives” TV show. The actress has earned thirteen millions of dollars for appearance in the show. It is interesting to know that Longoria debut with a small and not significant role of stewardess in an episode of the soap opera “Beverly Hills 90210” in 2000. Her next small role as a guest star was in “The main hospital”, which has brought her into “Young and restless” where she plays the hysterical Isabella Williams in 2001-2003. After which she appeared in the TV show the net which was created by Dick Woolf. In 2004 she got the role of Gabriele, this role has made her famous, and brought her the nomination for the Golden Globe award for the best female role in the comedy TV show, that show has finished in 2012 after eight seasons. In 2006, Eva performed a role in a movie, in the thriller “The Guardian” with Kiefer Sutherland, and Michael Douglas. Nevertheless her carrier on the big screen was not successful and Longoria has performed only one main role in the cinema, in the comedy of the year 2008 which became a total failure “The bride from the other world”. In it interesting to know that for a few years she was on the top of “Hottest women in the world” list.

Tina Fey

Tina FeyThe second place in the rating belongs to Tina Fey; due to her performance in the “Studio 30” TV show. Elizabeth Stamatina Fey was born in May in 1970, in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, in the family of Donald and Zenobia Fey. Tina has an elder brother Peter Fey. Tina has German, Scottish and Greek roots. Fey since her early childhood was very interested with theater and cinema, especially by the comedy gene. Her parents were welcoming this interest. Tina has finished high school in 1988, during studies at school she was attending drama art and singing in the choir, also she played for the local tennis team and had her own column in the newspaper. In 1992 fey has graduated University of Virginia, and got bachelor’s degree in the field of theater art. In 2004 was released the movie “Mean Girls” where she played one of the main roles together with Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Amy Poler. In 2006 after concluding a contract she left “Saturday night live” TV show, for her own sitcom “Studio 30” where she is not only performing the main role, but also has written the entire scenario for it. The music writer of the show is her husband Jeff Richmond, the show was highly welcomed by the critics, and is aired on NBC till nowadays. It is interesting to know that Tina has won the Golden Globe award for eight times.


Marcia Cross

Marcia CrossOn the third place it is the actress Marcia Cross, who earned a place in the rating due to the role in the “Desperate Housewives” TV show. Cross has debut on the television in 1984, in the soap opera “On the edge of night”. Later she moved from New York to Los Angeles where she performed some small roles in the movies. In 1986 she joined the staff of the show “One life to live” in which she performed till 1987. In 1991 Cross got into prime time with a small role in the “Silent Docks”.  Fame to Cross was brought due to the role of Kimberly Show prime time in the soap opera by Aaron Spelling, which was called “Melrose Place”. At the beginning the producers of the show has invited the actress for performance in one episode only, but they liked her performance so much that they decided to extend her performance till one of the main roles. After her character was killed in the fifth season, she performed in other TV shows. In 2004 she got the role of Bree Van de Camp in “Desperate Housewives”. The project was very successful in United States, and became the biggest in the actresses’ carrier. In 2005 she was nominated for the Emmy award, and three times nominated for the Golden Globe award, but each time the victory and award was taken by her competitors.

Mariska Hargitay

Mariska HargitayOn the forth place is situated the actress Mariska Hargitay with the honorary eleven and a half millions of dollars, her earning per one episode of the show was five hundreds thousands of dollars “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”, where she played Olivia Benson’s role. Mariska was born in January 1964 in Santa Monica. Her parents were the love symbol of the fifties, the actress Jayne Mansfield and the Hungarian bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay. The actress was not the only child in the family: she also has two step sisters, Jane Mary Mansfield and Tina Hargitay, two brothers Miklis and Zoltan, as well as a step brother Antonio Ottaviano. Her parents divorced in 1963, but later the judge said that their Mexican divorce was invalid. They got back together a few months before Mariska was born, but soon after her birth they split again. A few months later Mariska’s mother remarried with the producer Matt Kimber. In June 1967, Mariska’s mother died in a car crush that is why she was raised by Mickey Hargitay and his third wife Ellen Siano. In 1982 Mariska won a beauty contest “Miss Beverly Hills” and took the forth place in the contest “Miss California” after which the actress has started her carrier with some small not significant roles.

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen PompeoThe actress Ellen Pompeo who became famous after performing Meredith Grey character in the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” is also on the fifth place with the income eight and a half millions of dollars, and with earns three hundred fifty thousands of dollars per one episode. Ellen was born in November 1969. Her ancestors were Irish and Italians, their daughter they were educating in the interests of Catholic Church. When she was only four years old her mother died from over dose of pain killers, and some time later her father got married the second time.  In the beginning of nineties Ellen started working as a bartender in one of the pubs in New York, that was the place where she met her first professional agent. Soon she appeared in the first commercial advertising, and in 1996 was her debut as a professional actress in the TV show “Law and Order” which was a start in the carrier of many stars of the world cinema. Wishing a push in her carrier, Ellen has moved to Los Angeles in 2001. And one year later a real breakthrough in her carrier was the role in the movie “Mile of moonlight” which allowed her speaking of herself as of a talented actress. Later were a few other successful roles in the movies, which brought her to the role in a TV show that made her famous throughout the entire world.

Sandra Oh

Sandra OhThe other actress which is on the sixth place, is also the actress which became famous due to the “Grey’s Anatomy” TV show, where her wage per episode is also three hundred fifty thousands of dollars, and her annual income is eight millions and a half, this actress is Sandra Oh who became famous due to Christina Young’s role. In 1993 Sandra Oh has performed the main role in a Canadian movie “The diary of Evelyn Low”, by over passing one hundred of other applicants. This role has brought her praise from critics and a nomination for the Gemini award for the best actress on the television. The next year she has won the Canadian Oscar award for performance of the main part in the movie “Double Joy”. During her carrier she performed in more than forty movies, and in the first place those were independent dramatic movies, also she appeared in a row of American TV shows.  Her first significant role was in a HBO TV show “Arlisse” where she performed during seven seasons, since 1996 till 2002. In 1997 she got Cable ACE award for the best female role in a comedy TV show. In 1999 she won the Jinny award for the most important female role in the movie “The last night”. This movie has brought her world fame and invitation to perform in “Grey’s Anatomy” TV show.

Marg Helgenberger

Marg HelgenbergerOn the seventh place with the honorary of ten millions is the actress Marg Helgenberger, who is the star of “C.S.I.” TV show, and which has brought her Emmy award. Helgenberger has started her carrier in seventies on the Kearney radio in Nebraska. In 1981 she got a role in the day opera “Ryan Hope” where she performed for the next few years. She left the show in 1986 in order to start a carrier in the prime time, and began appearing in the episodes of various TV shows; in 1987 she performed in a sitcom on the CBS channel. In 1988 she got a role of feminist prostitute in the “China Beach” TV show with Dana Delaney. In 1990 she won the Emmy award for performance in it. in 1989 she debut on the big screen in the movie “After midnight”, and after it she played in the movie “Forever” by Steven Spielberg.

In 2000 Marg has got the most significant role in her carrier, the role of a criminalist Catherine Willows in the “C.S.I” TV show. At the beginning the show was not very successful, but closer to the second season it became one of the most popular. She left the show in 2012 after performing in twelve seasons of the show. In January 2012 she got her own role in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Teri Hatcher

Teri HatcherThe actress Teri Hatcher is on the eighth place of the rating for the role in “Desperate Housewives” TV show, for appearing in which she got nine millions of dollars per year. The actress was born in December 1964 in Palo Alto. She is the only child in the family; her father is a nuclear physician, while her mother is a programmer. In her childhood she was fascinated by dances, and fishing. At school she was always the partying girl, and as soon as she graduated school she went to the American Conservatorium in San Francisco, parallel with that she studied mathematics in College. Hatcher has started her carrier on the television with supporting roles in various TV shows. In 2004 she got one of the main roles in the “Desperate Housewives” TV show, the show has become one of the greatest hits in the history of television, and she became mega popular again. She won the Golden Globe award for the role in the TV show- comedy and musical, as well as the award of Cinema Actors Guild. Also she was nominated for the main female award for that role in the show which lasted for eight seasons, since 2004 till 2012. It is interesting to know that in April 2006 she released her first autobiography book “Burnt Toast and other Philosophies of Life”.

Felicity Hoffman

Felicity HoffmanThe ninth place and the honorary of nine millions of dollars belong to the famous actress Felicity Hoffman.  Felicity was born in December 1962, in Bedford, her mother the actress Grace Walle, and her father the banker Moore Peters have seven more children beside Felicity, though this thing has never stopped them from getting divorced, when Felicity was only one year old, since that moment the future actress grew up with her mother only.

Felicity has started her carrier in the theater in the beginning of eighties where she performed in a variety of plays. In 1988 she debut on Broadway the main role in the play “Speed the Plow” where she replaced Madonna. The same year she started a carrier in the cinema where she played in a few movies, but she never left her work in the theater.

In 2004 till 2012 Hoffman performed the role of Lynette Scavo, in “Desperate Housewives” sitcom. For performance in this show she got a variety of awards and nominations, including Emmy for the best female part in the comedy TV show in 2004, and three awards by Guild of the actors. It’s interesting to know that Felicity Hoffman is one of four leading actresses in the show who won the Emmy award, and after it was again nominated for the award.

Courtney Cox

Courtney CoxOn the tenth place is the actress Courtney Cox who is the star of the “Friends” sitcom which became the most highly paid sitcom in the history. Each actor of the show was getting one million of dollars per each episode. Cox has become the first actress on the television who spelt the word “period” on the television, in 1985, while advertising “Tampax”, after her successful appearance in the music video by Bruce Springsteen “Dancing in the dark” where she danced on the stage, she appeared in a few not very successful movies. In 1994 Courtney Cox was offered role of Rachel Green in a new sitcom on NBC, which was called “Friends”. The role in the TV show she got, but not Rachel’s, she got Monica Geller’s role, which she performed for the next ten years in all the seasons of the popular TV show. In 2005 Courtney along with her colleagues on “Friends” TV show, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Cudrow got into the World’s Guinness book as the most highly paid actress on the television who was getting one million and a half per each episode of the show. And she became the only leading actress of the show who never was nominated for Emmy award. Between the fifth and sixth seasons of “Friends” TV show, Courtney married with the actor David Arquette who she met during filming “Scream” in 1996.

Juliana Margulies

Juliana MarguliesOn the eleventh place is situated the actress Juliana Margulies who was born in June 1966, in Spring Valley. Her honorary for the show was six million of dollars.  She was the younger of three daughters in Francesca Margulies family who was a ballerina and a teacher of choreography, and Paul Margulies who was author of advertising texts. Being a child the future actress together with her family was moving from one place to another by living in France, New York and England. Juliana was studying in the Green Meadow Waldorf School, after which she went to High Mowing School. Sometime later she became student of the Sarah Lawrence College after graduating which she was honored with bachelor’s degree in the field of humanitarian science. In this field she was participating in a variety of school performances, after graduating the college Juliana went to New York studio “The acting studio” where she learned the performing arts.

In 2000 the actress has left “ER” TV show where she was performing since 1994, and for performance in which she became popular. In November 2007 the actress married Keith Lieberthal and a year later has born him a son Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer AnistonOn the twelfth place is situated America’s sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, who is also known due to the fact that she is Brad Pitt ex wife.  For her performance in the sitcom “Friends” she became one of the most highly paid actresses, she began performing with the salary of one hundred forty hundreds of thousands dollars, and finished performing by the time she was earning a million and a half per episode. Jennifer was born in Sherman Oaks, in the family of American actor with Greek roots and an actress with Scottish and Italian roots. Jennifer has two brothers John Melik Jr. and Alex Aniston.

When she was nine years old her parents divorced. She stayed with her mother, but was often visiting her father in Los Angeles, where John Aniston performed one of the main roles in the TV show “Days of our life”. When Jennifer was eleven years old she began performing in the dramatic school of Rudolf Steiner. Her professional studies she continues in 1987, in LaGuardia school of Arts in New York, after graduating which she participated in a few Broadway performances “For Dear life”, “Dancing Checker’s Grave” and so on. This was the difficult period of her life when she also worked as a courier and was doing phone marketing.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa KudrowOn the thirteenth place is situated Lisa Kudrow who along with Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston was the star of the sitcom “Friends”, and was also getting a million and a half million of dollars per episode by the time she show was getting closer to the end. Kudrow was born in Los Angeles, in a Jewish family. Her ancestors emigrated from Russia.  She attended high school in Tarzan, and graduated Vassar College with bachelor degree in biology.  Lisa has started her comedy carrier in a standup band “The Groundlings”. In 1990 she appeared in the show “Saturday Night Live” but her place was taken by Julia Sweeney. Her first big role was in the sitcom “Crazy about you” where she played the role of Ursula Buffe, an eccentric server, this role has brought her to the role of Phoebe in the “Friends”, and for this role she got the Emmy award as the best supporting actress in 1998. She was nominated for this award six times, but she and Jennifer Aniston were the only actresses from this show who won the award. In 2002 she along with her colleagues of the show has become one of the most highly paid actresses during the entire television history. Later Kudrow was mostly performing in movies, such as “Analyze this”, “Analyze that” and so on.

Nina Dobrev

Nina DobrevOn the fourteenth place is the star of the vampire show “Vampire’s DiariesNina Dobrev, who is getting three hundreds of thousands per each episode. There were released already five seasons of the show, where Nina who is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria is showing her professional skills. It is interesting to know that she her parents are a programmer and a painter, since being a little girl, Nina was very attached to drawing, and other types of arts. When she turned two years old she moved to Toronto with her family, where she began attending all kind of arts, such as: dances, gymnastics, theater, music and performing arts. Dobrew has started her carrier in a Canadian teen drama “Degrassi: Next generation”, and later she performed some small roles in such movies, as: “Far from her” and “Too young for marriage” and many others. In 2009 Dobrev was invited to perform the main role in a TV show “Vampire’s Diaries” which has become a cult one, and was filmed based on Lisa Jane Smith’s book, which is a story about a girl Elena who has become the reason of fight between two brothers who were vampires. For this role she won four Teen Choice Awards. And between filming in the TV show she managed to also perform a supporting role in “The roommate” in 2011, and “Arena” in 2011.

Candice Accola

Candice AccolaOn the fifteenth place is situated another star of “Vampire’s DiariesCandice Accola, who performed Caroline Forbes character per three hundred of thousands dollars per episode. Candice grew up in Edgewood. Her father Kevin Accola is a surgeon, while her mother Caroline is a housewife and ecologist in the past. Both of her parents are active members of Republican Party. Accola has a younger brother Cree and a sister Diana. By the time she was a teenager she discovered her talent, so that was the moment when she moved to Los Angeles. Half a year later she released a demo CD called “It’s always the innocent ones”. In 2005 she graduated the school. In 2006 Candice released her first musical album, “They are always innocent” which has twelve tracks. The first movie in which she appeared was called “Pirate Camp” which was released in 2007. She was invited to such popular TV shows, like: “How I met your mother”, “Supernatural” and “The College”. Also she appeared in a few movies, but real fame was brought to her by the TV show “Vampire’s Diaries” in 2009, where she has one of the main roles, first of a human, and later of a vampire. Since May 2013 Candice Accola is engaged with the musician Joe King.

Caterina Graham

Caterina GrahamOn the sixteenth place is placed another actress who performed one of the main roles in the TV show “Vampire’s Diaries”. Caterina was born in Geneva, Switzerland, when her father worked there as a journalist. She grew up in Los Angeles, her parents the Liberian Josepha and half Russian, half Polish housewife Natasha. Her grandfather was an ambassador of the United Nations in Liberia. The actress has started her carrier from the comedy “Catch for parents” with Lindsay Lohan. In 1998, later she was very active on the television, and appeared in a few movies, between which there are such movies, as: “Father is seventeen again” in 2009 with Zach Efron, and “Roommate” in 2010. In 2011 she got the main role in the movie “Honey 2”, which is better known as “The city of dances”. But mostly famous she became due to Bonny Bennett’s role in the TV show “Vampire’s Diaries”. Also she appeared in a music video by Justin Bieber, which is called “Somebody to love”. As well as she appeared in a music video by Nelly, called “Just a dream”.  It is interesting to know that the actress has voiced the single “Got it from my mama” by Caterina Graham is engaged with Cottrell Guidry with who she is in relationship since 2010. In 2012 the actor has proposed Kat, and she said “yes”.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica ParkerOn the seventeenth place is the famous star who performed Carrie’s Bradshaw character in the “love and the City” TV show. Sarah Jessica Parker is considered an icon of style after performing in the show.  Sarah was born in March 1965 in Nelsonville, in a family of a teacher and a journalist. She was one of four children in a family. After divorcing her father, her mother married Paul Forst who was a truck driver. This way her family became even bigger, as her step father also had four children, but the goof thing is that her parents were always finding time for all of their children. When her parents have discovered that she is very talented they tried making an actress of her, this way in 1976 the young Sarah has got a role in the play “Innocent”. And some time later she appeared in the play “Sounds of the music”. Though, the media began turning their attention on her after her relationship with the actor Robert Downey Jr., with who she was in a relation from 1984 to 1991. That was the moment than in her life has appeared the perfect man for her, who also was an actor, later Matthew Broderick has become her husband and the father of her children: a son James Broderick, and the twins Marion and Tabitha.

Blake Lively

Blake LivelyOn the eighteenth place we find Blake Lively, who was gorgeous while performing Serena Won Der Woodsen . For performance in the “Gossip Girl” TV show Blake was getting a quarter of million dollars per each episode. Blake Christina Lively was born in August 1987 in Tarzan, California, in the family of actors: Ernie and Elaine Lively. She grew up around southern Baptists. The youngest of five children in the family she has a younger brother Eric Lively who is also an actor, two sisters: Lori and Robin, and a simple another brother Jason. The entire family: her parents and other siblings work in the industry of interaction. When she was a child her parents were always taking her with them on their lessons of art performance as they didn’t wanted to leave her with a babysitter. This way she began getting to know the art of performance at a very young age while watching her parents. In 2004 till 2007 she was in a relation with Kelly Blats. In 2007 till 2010 with the actor Penn Badgley whom she met while performing in “Gossip Girl”, but as soon as the work upon the TV show was finished, their relationship got finished as well. In September 2012 the actress married Ryan Reynolds whom she dated for almost a year before their marriage.

Leighton Meester

Leighton MeesterOn the nineteenth place is the actress Leighton Meester, who became famous also due to performing in “Gossip Girl” TV show. Her honorary per one episode of the show was two hundred fifty thousands of dollars. Leighton’s history is very interesting, both of her parents were arrested for contraband of marijuana, but during the court they were released, that was the time when Connie, Leighton’s mother got pregnant with her, but she got ten years of prison during the court, as a result she born her daughter in the prison’s hospital. Sixteen months after she was released and started living with her daughter.

When Leighton turned eleven years old she moved with her aunt to New York, and started working as a model in “Wilhelmina”, after which she began working with the photographer Sophia Coppola. Her debut on the television was in 1999 when she performed in the “Law and Order” TV show. In 2007 she was offered a role in “Gossip Girl” in which she performed till 2012, her character was Blaire Waldorf, and the main idea of the show was telling the story of the students from the Upper East Side. In 2013 Leighton Meester has become the official face of the Autumn/Winter collection 2013/2014 for the French brand Naf Naf.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa WilliamsOn the twentieth place is located Vanessa Williams who also became a star of “Desperate Housewives” TV show. The actress and singer, as well as producer and model has entered the world’s history in 1984 when she became the first black woman who won the “Miss America” contest. In 1984 the “Penthouse” has published pictures of lesbian theme for which she posed nude, there was a huge scandal after which Williams has refused on her “Miss America” title, and became a singer, a very successful singer especially in the period from 1988 to 1997. Her song to the “Pocahontas” cartoon has won the Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe award as the best song to a movie.

In nineties she started working as an actress when she performed with Arnold Schwarzenegger in an action movie. Later she became famous due to Wilhelmina Slater role in the “Ugly woman”, and Rene Perry role in “Desperate Housewives” where she performed from 2010 to 2012. For her impact upon the music culture she was honored with her own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Vanessa was married twice, but both times her family life was finished due to the fact that her men were not faithful, while she was not able to forgive betrayal.

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