The most shocking celebrity deaths of 2013

The world lost many talented people in 2013 but their memory will live forever in our hearts. In honor of those who left us too soon, we give you a list of the most shocking celebrity deaths of 2013.

James Gandolfini








Known for his critically acclaimed role on The Sopranos, James Gandolfini’s sudden death at the age of 51 was a sad shock to all of his fans. The actor died of a heart attack while on vacation in Italy on June 19, 2013. He was just 51 and discovered by his young son. Gandolfini’s portrayal of a conflicted mob boss was one of the best TV characterizations ever. He is survived by two children and his legacy.

Cory Monteith








Glee fans everywhere were devastated to learn that actor Cory Monteith had died of heroin and alcohol overdose at the age of 31. Found dead in a Vancouver hotel room on July 13, 2013, the actor had been honest with fans about his struggle with drug abuse and had recently been to rehab at the request of Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy. His Glee character was killed off to coincide with Monteith’s death.

Gia Allemand








The former contestant on The Bachelor died by her own hand on August 14, 2013. The gorgeous reality star, 29, reportedly had a blow up with her boyfriend, NBA star Ryan Anderson, and then hung herself with a vacuum cleaner cord while on the phone with her mother. She was admitted to the hospital and eventually removed from life support.

Lisa Robin Kelly







We all remember Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie on the hit sitcom That ’70s Show. Unfortunately, her career fell prey to a drinking problem and, in August, she checked herself into rehab — and mysteriously passed away soon after. Lisa died on Aug. 14, 2013, at the age of 43. She passed away in her sleep. She was being treated for alcoholism, something that had developed into an issue for her in recent years. However, foul play has since been ruled out as a cause of death, although it was initially suspected as a possible factor in her passing.

Lee Thompson Young








Fans of the former Famous Jett Jackson star were shocked when a representative for Lee Thompson Young announced that the actor had taken his own life. He had quietly battled depression for years. He left no note and didn’t seem to be particularly down at the time of his death. At 29, he committed suicide with a self-inflicted gunshot on Aug. 19, 2013, and was found after someone checked on him when he didn’t show up for work. It was later revealed that he had been diagnosed as bipolar and was on medication to treat the issue.

Paul Walker








Best known for his roles in the Fast & Furious film franchise, Paul Walker, 40, was killed in a fatal car crash that also took the life of Roger Rodas, 38, after the two had attended a charity event over Thanksgiving weekend. On November 30, Walker and his friend and business partner Rodas went for a drive. According to reports, Rodas lost control of the Porsche Carrerra GT causing it to crash and burst into flames. Both Walker and Rodas were pronounced dead at the scene.



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One response to “The most shocking celebrity deaths of 2013”

  1. Amanda says:

    It is hard to lose people you like and are close to at any time, no matter where they are world famous or not. What is sad about this article is that all of them were too young and too talented and too happy to leave the world so soon. I believe there are more angels on heavens now. Rest in peace!