Thomas Gibson invited Queen Latifah to star on ‘Criminal Minds’

SPL438330_035 Appearing on Queen Latifah’s show on Friday (October 18), Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson has offered her to come and shoot a small role on his hit drama.

The actor said: “Come by if you feel like it. Whatever you wanna do… come do the show… Be a good girl or a bad girl, whatever you want.”

Latifah was very pleased with the invite and she replied, “I would love that… I’ve been good at good girls, so maybe I’ll be a bad girl… I’ll be a great real bad girl. Thank you so much.”

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One response to “Thomas Gibson invited Queen Latifah to star on ‘Criminal Minds’”

  1. Angelina says:

    I am happy that she agreed. This would be very interesting to see her acting in this show. I expect her to be a really bad girl. Would like to see her in this new ample. I am looking forward to this.