Tom Arnold: I thought I’d never become a father

tom-arnold After his wife had experienced two miscarriages, Tom Arnold seriously started considering adoption.

When he was in college and tried to donate sperm, the actor found out that it wouldn’t be so easy for him to father a child so he and his wife Ashley Groussman decided to try in vitro fertilization. However, Ashley miscarried twice and they started thinking about the adoption.

Arnold appeared on chat show Katie on Tuesday and said: “If you’re in the examining room with your wife and they (the doctors) tell you they don’t have a heartbeat anymore, and you see your wife’s face, that’s just unacceptable to allow that to happen to your wife and to allow her to go through that again. So I said, ‘That’s it, we’re adopting, it’s too much.’ We met a lawyer (about starting the process of adoption), had a great meeting, and on the way out she begged me to please try one more time. I knew it wouldn’t work, I just knew, because I had all this experience, but for my wife I had to do it.”

tom-arnold-1-600x450And it’s good that they tried one more time. In April this year, the couple welcomed a baby boy that they introduced on the show. Tom’s wife said: “It’s incredible, it’s a dream come true.”

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