Tom Cruise – an Amazing Stunt Performer and Fighter

Tom-Cruiseweb_2445841b Despite being a huge movie star, Tom Cruise is known for doing his own stunts. But that’s not all – he is the kind of perfectionist who doesn’t hold back in fight scenes and isn’t afraid of injuries.

Andy Norman, who worked as the fight consultant on Jack Reacher, was fascinated with the actor. He said: “Tom gets right in there, he’ll take the knock and the bruises and he doesn’t want us to hold back. He’ll still be there at 2 am going over fight scenes, he’s a total perfectionist.”tom_cruise_in_jack_reacher

Andy also spoke about Tom’s involvement in all the stages of scene planning. “Tom is so famous in the industry for his focus and he gets so into the character he wants to be there from when we first get together to talk about the fight. He wants to know the emotion, the reason behind it, the why, how much training he needs, the intensity and he makes the job easier because you’re not having to carry him,” Norman explained. “A fight scene like the one in Jack Reacher where he takes on five guys at once can take up to eight weeks to put together and Tom is involved from day one.”

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