Tom Cruise sued over ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ script

tom-cruise-los-angeles-premiere-star-trek_3664736 Screenwriter Timothy Patrick McLanahan is reportedly suing Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures over the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol screenplay.

McLanahan claims he came up with the original idea for the blockbuster back in 1998 and is requesting $1 billion in damages.

According to, the official court documents filed on 20 December 2013, read: ”In 1998, I had written a screenplay called Head On. After submitting it to the US Copyright Office, Head On received a copyright certificate, protecting its material and author from unauthorized use.”

When the fourth installment in Mission Impossible franchise was released in 2011, McLanahan says the plot similarities were immediately obvious.


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One response to “Tom Cruise sued over ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ script”

  1. Chris says:

    Well, well, well, well. This is a very interesting article. Who has stolen and what and from whom? Well, the idea was cool, I just wonder who the real author of it is. I hope soon it will be known for sure who has created the brightest movie idea and I am very excited at finding it out. I like the movie anyway, but the authentic of the author makes me wonder.